The Imposter Tour #39: 15st Street Flea Market – Panama City, Florida!

We’ve been blessed to do many flea markets in the state of Florida. However, after looking at our map of tour stops we noticed that we have not yet done the pan handle region yet. Yahuwah blessed us with being able to spread the Besorah to this flea market in Florida. We managed to get a small spot to set up our free DVD’s. 15st Flea Market is not very big. We went on News Years day (we dedicate Friday and Sunday as days to do flea markets) and the flea market was not crowded at all. Despite the low traffic, we were very surprised to have given 65 DVDs away!

Here are some pictures…

Getting things arranged.

Brother Danny and Brother Michael.

All setup and ready for the people to come!


This tour is in full gear forward! 35 Cities, 39 stops and still counting!

The Imposter Tour #38: Richwood Flea Market – Richwood, Kentucky

During our stay in the greater tri-state area of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky we were blessed to have time to stop by the Richwood Flea Market located in Kentucky. Weather was very cold yet we managed to stay warm by sitting in the vehicle between visitors. This flea market is small. Since there was not many visitors, the day went slow. However, some people did receive the DVD’s. Our job is to be sow seeders. We do not play the number game of who has received or rejected the Besorah. We just sow the seeds. Each of us should be sowing seeds. If you are interested in being a better team player, please read “Becoming the best team players we were design to be!

Our spot was outside. It was a little bit chilly that day.

34 cities, 38 stops and still counting!

The Imposter Tour #37: Trader’s World – Monroe, Ohio

Traders World and Treasure Islands are literally across the street from each other located in Monroe Ohio. Since we were staying in the area for a few weeks, we could do both flea markets. We even had time to return for a second visit at Traders World. Again, we were surprised that so many people are full of questions. Many are eager to serve Yahuwah and His Son, Yahushua. We were blessed to spend some time fellowshipping with another called out family right at our spot! This family was so happy to see us just as we were them. I thank Yahuwah for allowing us to do this work in His great vineyard.

Sister Linda and Brother Danny at our spot.

What a beautiful day it was in Monroe, Ohio. Clear blue sky. Thank you YAH for blessing us with clear skies!

The entrance gate to Trader’s World

If you haven’t been to Trader’s World before you should check it out. They have what they call, a Safari of a place. Lots to hunt!


33 Cities, 37 stops and still counting! More to come!

The Imposter Tour #36: Treasure Aisles – Monroe, Ohio

Treasure Aisles is one of the larger flea markets we have been blessed to see. This place was just down right BUSY!!!! So many people and stuff! We stood out at this flea market as we had quite a few visitors stop by. One of the venders next to us actually was a Scared namer. We are always blessed when we get to meet, listen and share with other like-minded believers.

While we were sitting at our spot, we heard some Cherokee music being played in the distance. What was interesting about this music is that the Qodesh Name was being proclaimed. Sadly, this Native man, as many others Cherokee’s, do not realize who they are nor who they worship. After spending some time with him he took our DVD’s.

According to, “History of The Cherokee Indians” by Emmet Starr we learn some fascinating information about the Cherokee people. What is very interesting is that the Cherokee people called the Creator, “Yehowa”! They also kept the 7th day Sabbath where they rested and talked about the Creator. They believe Yehowa created the world in seven days and that the first man was made with red clay and he was Indian. There is plenty of proof that the Cherokee people is Semitic. Sadly, many Cherokee people like the rest of the tribes turned their backs on Yahuwah and became idolatrous. They worshipped the sun, the moon, the stars along with other deities. They have suffered greatly because of their disobedience. They were sold into slavery, killed and had everything taken from them. The Trials of Tears was devastating for the Cherokee people! Most do not know who they worship, yet Yahuwah has always kept a remnant even amongst the Cherokee people. For this reason, any time we are  able to speak to the Cherokee people we consider that to be a very big blessing for us.

Here are some pictures from the Flea Market:

33 cities, 36 stops and still counting! We have a big winter planned ahead!

The Imposter Tour #35: White’s Flea Market – Brookville, Indiana

White’s Flea Market is located close to the Tri-State area of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky in Brookville, Indiana. We were blessed to be in the area during the one day of the week they are opened, Wednesday. You know the saying, “the early bird gets the worm”. Well this flea market opens right at sunrise and has plenty to offer.  We were surprised to see how big this flea market is.

Our spot was located outside in a high traffic area.

Brother Michael and Sister Linda behind our table of free DVDs.

Sister Linda and Brother Danny behind our table of free DVDs.

Yahuwah’s timing is always perfect. Thus, we are always amazed at who He brings to our spots. Today was for quite a few people. However, one Brother was very excited to receive our material. He has been in this walk for many years. He grabbed many DVD’s to share with his congregation along with using our material as a second witness to his brother. We have full faith in knowing that Yahuwah can let our material water that seed that has been planted within the Brother. Come in agreement with us!

As we travel the states, we are witnesses to the fact that there is a major famine occurring right here and right now within the United States. People are indeed hungry for spiritual food. We see the manifestations of the suffering the masses are experiencing from a lack of hearing the WORD! Every week they are not able to come to the full knowledge of the truth that can be found within Torah and Messiah, Yahushua because they have been deceived. Deceived in sitting in those pews on Sunday morning getting their ear’s tickle with fancy pep rallies!  For this reason, we have gone to the streets across this country inviting those who would not normally hear the opportunity to finally hear!

I am thus reminded,

“How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without one proclaiming? And how shall they proclaim if they are not sent? As it has been written, “How pleasant are the feet of those who bring the Good News of peace, who bring the Good News of the good!” However, not all obeyed the Good News. For Yeshayahu says, “Yahuwah, who has believed our report?” So then belief comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of Elohim. But I ask, Did they not hear? Yea indeed, “Their voice went out to all the earth, and their words to the ends of the world.” -Romans 10:14-18


Now is the time to become a seed sower!

The Imposter Tour #31: Everything Under The Sun Flea Market – North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


Everything under the sun is what this flea market claimed to have. This was a fairly good size indoor flea market. We had a good turnout and as we do at every stop, we had a lot of fun! Sorry for the delay in posting. So much has been going on since we were there. Better late then never, they say.


Brother Danny and Sister Linda just before getting into the car to head off to the Flea Market. We stayed at the beautiful Pirate Land Camping Resort. The views were breathtaking! The soothing ocean waves crashing onto the sandy beach. While we were there a strong thunderstorm came though. Praise YAH it wasn’t too bad. Just heavy downpour, strong winds and lots of thunder and lightning. The canal on the side of the campground really over flooded so was rushing quickly into the ocean. We took a walk down to the beach to see the view and put our feet into the water.

donotswimSince we had that storm the night before this particular sign especially caught our attention…


High bacteria levels may be present at this location, especially in days following rain due to storm water runoff.
within 200 feet in each direction of this swash/stormwater outfall.

Wading, fishing, and shell collecting to not present a risk.

Of course, the only in site view anyone can see of this sign up and down the entire beach is when you are on your way off the beach. The signs are not facing you as you ENTER, but as you LEAVE the beach. So yeah, give us the warning NOT to swim in the beach when we are finished swimming in the beach. That sure is smart, right? Thankfully we didn’t swim in the water, it was too cold. But we did put our feet in it and let our dogs play on the dog friendly beach.



Running they did! The dogs love playing ball on the beach!

Rest assured, that warning sign we read on our way BACK from the beach sure got our attention. When we got back to our campsite we definitely had to look up about this “High Bacteria Levels” that the sign was talking about.

Needless to say, the bacteria levels were worse than the sign appeared them to be. All of the Myrtle Beaches were on a “No Swim” advisory. It did not necessary mean beach goers were not allowed to swim, but it wasn’t a good idea. The waters were contaminated with fecal mater. Swimmers were getting infections in their eyes from water getting in the eyes. Various swimmers of close to 100 were reported sick from the water before summer had even arrived! Myrtle Beach depends on its tourists to survive. They surely wouldn’t tell everyone they can’t go on the beaches.

So now the moment you have been waiting for. Here is our tour stop in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

img_5296Brother Danny and Brother Daniel -Tacking the banner up above our booth.

Brother Danny and Sister Linda making sure the books and tracts are setup neatly. If you would like to see which ones we have available you can check out our newly designed free store at the FOY Shop!

All setup. Brother Danny and Sister Linda in front of our booth. Who wants the first shift?

Looks like the ladies want to take the first shift. Sister Linda and Sister Felicia are admiring our newest book, “Becoming the Best Team Players We Were Designed to Be!” This is a great book and a must read for all of the Body of Messiah!

About the Book: There are many teams in this world. However, only one is the most important. In this book (“Being the best Team Players We Were Designed to be!”), team players will learn strategic methods on how our team can achieve higher goals than the worldly teams. Following a few simply standards, team players can become mountain movers, seed sowers, faith builders, encouragers and so much more! This new book will take our mediocre team to a GREAT Team! Team players will learn what talents and gifts they specialize in. Knowing this, is the key in unlocking greatness for our team.

READ the Teaching Online


ORDER the soft cover book


img_5311Next it was the guy’s turn to take shift and let the ladies browse around. Brother Daniel and Brother Danny.

We really enjoyed this tour stop as we enjoy them all. Maybe next time we’ll see you?