The Imposter Tour PitStop: The Ark Encounter – Williamstown, Kentucky

Since we spent about a month in the Tristate area of Ohio, Indian and Kentucky we decided a much-needed pit stop was in order. A Brother in Messiah and friend of ours works at The Ark Encounter and could get us an employee discount. This was a major blessing for us. We were so excited!

It was a cold day when we went. Once you park your car and buy your ticket, there is a bus waiting for you.

The bus ride was pleasantly warm and cozy. Which was a treat to be thankful for since it was so cold that day. We found it a little odd that we were required to take a bus ride up to the ark. But way back through the trees and up the hill from the parking lot we could see what looked like the ark.

“I’ll never forget that moment when I first saw the life size Ark! Literally, with tears in my eyes I must admit I had a WOW moment!” -Sister Linda

It was amazing as we got closer to the Ark it appeared to grow bigger and bigger! We were getting excited! And there it was…

We thought the walk from the outdoor ticket stand was long in the cold. It was an even longer walk from the bus to the Ark! Brother Danny was a gentleman and let Sister Linda use his coat. NOTE TO ANYONE VISITING THE ARK: Make sure you bring a jacket and dress to be warm. When you enter the ark there is a queue line to walk up to the top and it’s not heated very well. We were shivering and our teeth were chattering when we got up to the top.

Once we got to the top there was a photographer waiting to take our picture.

As you can tell, we were in front of a green screen in our picture.
(Left to Right: Brother Michael, Brother Danny, Sister Linda, Sister Felicia and Brother Daniel)

Truly the Ark Encounter was a remARKable experience for our entire family! We would like to share some pictures of it with you. Hope you enjoy!

As we walked into the ark our excitement was building up. The sound effects of animals, water dripping; very realistic. There was even a smell of barn animals in the beginning! Very real! Truly the Ark Encounter indeed brings the Bible to life more than anything we could ever imagine!

As we came through there were lots of cages/hutches. Each cage area had sound effects of different animals! Very cool!

Along the sides of the areas for the cages there are mock bags of feed for the animals! Walking through and seeing bag after bag really shows how much planning there truly was when Noah and his family built it. Here is just a small section of the bags that Brother Danny and Sister Linda were standing in front of.

Not only did Noah need to plan for food, but also water! Lined up along side the walls nearby the cages were also large clay vessels of water! Sister Linda, Brother Michael, Sister Felicia and Brother Daniel are standing there besides them.

Sister Linda and Brother Danny getting a closer look at the cages! It sounded like these cages had ferrets or squirrels inside them!

More water vessels Brother Daniel, Sister Felicia and Brother Michael are standing near. So many water vessels! You don’t realize how much Noah and his family really had to do until you see the extensiveness and details in this life size Ark!

Here are some more vessels. We are finally coming to the end of this area. Look at the details of everything. It was like walking through time! As if Noah or one of his family were going to walk around the corner to greet us at any second!

There were also larger cages full of a large variety of animals and their kind. Again, the details were so intricate and realistic! Job well done to the 3D designers of the Art Encounter!

Here is one of the ladies, whether it be Noah’s Wife or Daughter in Law, she is feeding this large mammal!

Sister Linda and Felicia standing near one of the amazing painted murals that could be found along the way into the Exhibits.

The artwork is indeed very vivid and detailed!

Brothers Michael and Daniel standing besides this mural of the Creation week!

Here is another mural the ladies stood by for a picture. It talks about how Noah brought the Dinosaurs and other large animals. But it was impractical to bring the adults! Did you ever think about it? It was very practical to bring the animals when they were small and young! I wonder if that means puppies and kittens too?

Hey, would you look at that! We did see Noah, his wife, two sons and their wives! Life-like models of course. Just like the models at Ken Ham’s Creation Museum. They are very detailed and well made. Not that we have been to that many museums, but the ones we have been too, Ken Ham’s models are the best we’ve seen!

There is a “Great Flood” story in many cultures all around the world! But only one, the one from the Scriptures is accurate and possible. This Exhibit described each of the different ‘Great Flood” stories and showed some models of how impossible a few of them were.

The Wunambal Legend

Epic of Gilgamesh

Akkadian Tablet

A very cool 3D model of the Ark.

Next we got to walk through Exhibits of the Living Quarters of Noah and his family

The Living/Seating Room area. It looks like they were busy snapping green beans!

Here is the growing area. The garden green house they had!

Sister Felicia here looking at the knitting loom setup. Very cool!

Some supplies up in the loft!

Question and Answer sessions with Noah! There was a touch screen to ask Noah a question. He actually gave us a very detailed answer.

Sister Felicia and Sister Linda at the workman’s Exhibit. Indeed, Noah and his sons were very wise and blessed with much knowledge from YAH to build this ark to save man and the animals of this world!

Brother Danny, Brother Michael and Brother Daniel at the workshop Exhibit!

A view from the top floor of the Ark.

As mentioned above. The Ark Encounter is truly a remARKable Museum. If you are ever in the area of even live nearby you should really stop in and spend the day!

Sister Felicia and Brother Daniel taking a much needed break at the benches on the top floor of the Ark. Indeed it is a day trip! So much to see, do and learn here at the Ark Encounter!

Until next time, this is the McGuire Family! Looking forward to seeing you at our next tour stop! We’ll be heading to Florida soon after we finish a couple more places here in the tri-state area of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky!

The Imposter Tour: Museum on Wheels – Sukkot 2016 in Gainesville, Texas

Since we here at the FOY ministry travel a lot we offer congregations an exciting experience that we call “Museum on wheels”. Our presentation brings the Scriptures to life.  What excites the children is just as much interesting to the teens and adults.

Our first Museum on Wheels was in Houston Texas, the second was in Eaton Rapids. Our most recent and third Museum on Wheels presentation was in Gainesville, Texas during the Sukkot Celebration we attended this year.

(Left to Right) Brother Michael -dressed as King David, Sister Linda -dressed as Moses Sister Miriam, Brother Danny -dressed as Moses, Sister Felicia -dressed as Queen Ester and Brother Daniel -dressed as John the Baptist.

We really enjoy doing the presentation! If you would like us to come to your fellowship group or assembly let us know! We would love to come visit and show our presentation -not to mention enjoy some fellowship as well! Best times for us is during Passover or Sukkot!

Here are some pictures of the presentation that we did in Gainesville, Texas!

We had a large crowd this time. Even some of our friends from the first Bible Museum on wheels in Houston, Texas were there!

Above is brother Danny introducing himself.
What really made this museum presentation better than our very first one was our costumes! The costumes really help bring the Scriptures to life!

It was a big encouragement to us when everyone arrived, the children, teens, adults and elderly -the look on their faces- when they saw us in our costumes. They knew us as Danny, Linda, Felicia, Michael and Daniel. All week they learned to love and know us as their fellow brethren in Messiah. We made many new friends, met some old friends and caught up with dear friends that we haven’t seen in almost 10 years! Oh boy does the time fly! Sukkot was a very memorable time!

Each of us introduced ourselves with clues, Who Am I clues. It’s Daniel’s turn in this picture.

We really like playing that game. Who Am I? That is why we have even created Scripture version “Who Am I” games and posted them on our website! You can see our large collection of Who Am I games by clicking in the “Who Am I?” image to the left.


Brother Michael’s turn to introduce himself!

A lack of participants was definitely something we did not have! Almost everyone raised their hands to answer our questions during the entire presentation!

Sister Linda calling on a participant trying to guess who she is!

Sister Felicia’s turn for her Who Am I!

It was now time to get started!

Brother Danny holding up an artifact he is talking about.

During our presentation to keep the audience involved we ask some Scriptural related questions in regards to what we are presenting. Brother Daniel is calling on a participant to answer.

Every participant who answered a question received a treat. Here is Sister Linda giving out a treat to an eager participant!

All of the children each got a goodie bag at the end of the presentation.

More authentic artifacts Brother Danny is holding up, this time Michael is talking about it.

Brother Danny holding the two tablets of the Ten Commandments in Paleo Hebrew. Brother Michael is holding the microphone as Brother Danny speaks -since his hands are full.

After our presentation everyone came up to the tables and looked at everything. We also had our table of free books, tracts and DVDs! Here are some pictures:






Brother Daniel (left) in his John the Baptist wig.







Old friends and Brothers in Messiah, Mark and Danny.


After the presentation everyone had a break and then we hosted dinner! Mexican Taco Lasagna was on the menu! Wow! It was delicious!

Sister Linda served the main dish, the Mexican Taco Lasagna. (Sister Felicia wasn’t ready for the pictures at the moment, she didn’t get to smile in time)

Brother Danny patiently served the lettuce with two baby forks.

It was fun giving everyone their dinner! They enjoyed it! We almost ran out!

Dinner for 100! All 100 attendees of the dinner are not shown here, but there was 100 who ate dinner that evening!

We just finished the dinner and our compliments go to the chef! Our amazing Mom, Sister Linda! She came up with the delicious recipe of Taco Lasagna! It consists of Nacho Chips, Taco Seasoned Ground Beef, Rice, Beans, Onions and Corn, Taco meat and cheese sauce. Repeating the layers until the dish is filled! Definitely looking forward to having this dinner again at home! (Brother Michael and Sister Felicia [front] and our new friend Katie in the back)


Here are some pictures of us throughout the week during Sukkot!

Fun times with the guys by the campfire making new lasting friendships!
Outdoor blind fold games, learning to trust each other and liken this trust to the trust we should have in our Father YAH!

“for we walk by belief, not by sight.”
-2 Corinthians 5:7

Brother Daniel (blindfolded) while our good friend Andrew is guiding him.

Brother Michael guiding our long time family friend Benjamin in the blindfold game.

Daniel’s turn to guide Andrew!

Sister Felicia waiting her turn to have a go at the blindfolded Trust game!

Happy smiles to learn about YAH during His wonderful Feast of Sukkot -during services.


Sister Felicia and Sister Linda standing in front of a cute setup by a dear new friend of ours. We really enjoyed spending time chatting away and admiring her Sukkah!

Brother Michael with Morielle, a fellow Sister in YAH who we have been long time friends with.

Brother Daniel giving us a funny face. He is always coming up with something to make us laugh! We had funny weather for Sukkot. The first half of the week was extremely hot, but the second half was on the cool side. Thus, the reason for Daniel’s beanie hat he is wearing.

Picture of the group campfire and sitting area. Lots of memories and new friendship were made here for us all.

Fun fellowship time before everyone had to part ways and head home. We miss you guys!

Sweet friends! Hate to see you go. Our two friends, Analisa and Olivia!

Working in the outdoor kitchen making salad! Sister Felicia and Sister Jessica.

Brother Michael and Brother Daniel with some more of our long time friends, Emily and Olivia.

Sister Felicia hanging out in the kitchen with Joy, another one of our long time friends! We were excited to meet up with them again!

Sister Felicia and Sister Linda. It was a beautiful campground here at the Lone Oak Ranch, despite the extreme heat and mildly chilly weather, we were glad to fellowship with the brethren and enjoy the fun times.

Sukkot is a time of rejoicing and we look forward to this time every year! Yahuwah’s feasts are awesome and we love them all! Maybe we’ll see you Sukkot 2017? We do not know where Yahuwah will lead us to keep Sukkot in 2017. Where ever it is, YAH willing, we will do our Museum on Wheels presentation to a new audience, will it be you?

Sukkot is finished and winter is just around the corner. You know what that means? Up north everyone is tucked inside staying warm, shoveling snow and drinking hot cocoa. Everyone down south are enjoying the sunshine, the good outdoors and having to deal with sweat! That’s where we are heading! Down south to the warmer states for the winter to reach the ones who aren’t looking. We are heading out to reach the lost sheep of Yisra’el who do not even know they are lost yet. Deep down inside they know something isn’t right, but they just don’t know where to look. That’s where we come in. Our smiling faces waiting for them at their local flea market with our tables full of DVDs, and sometimes tracts and books.

Before we hit the southern states we plan to stop in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio!

New post updates coming soon!