Imposter Tour #16: Daytona Flea and Farmers Market, Daytona Beach, Florida

   Big Flea Markets aren’t hard to come by here in Florida. They are everywhere! After a week in St Augustine and nothing but cloudy days and rip current advisories it was time to get some warmer weather. Besides the Imposter Tour, that is the reason we came to Florida.
   Our next stop in Florida was the Daytona Flea & Farmers Market. Nope, no fleas here, we haven’t seen a flea since July. Anyways, the Daytona Beach Flea & Farmers Market has been rated one of the top 5 flea markets in the country. This place was so big while we were there we couldn’t even… With 1,000 booths, over 600 vendors and 3.5 million visitors yearly, we had to stop here! Since this Flea & Farmers Market is only open Fri, Sat & Sun, that’s over 20,000 visitors each day it’s open! That’s a really good way to get the message out there! Just providing you with the knowledge of how many visitors come here should give you a pretty good idea of how successful we were here! HalleluYAH! During Daniel’s shift, eight people gathered at the table at once to grab their free DVDs!

   Our new banner looks great. Brother Danny was in charge of packing the ministry stuff from the house and making sure we had everything. *sigh* He forgot our banner. But that’s ok! We were able to find a print shop here in Daytona Beach for same day print to get a new one. did a fabulous job! 
Setting up… 
(Michael, Danny, Linda & Felicia)
You may have noticed that Felicia wear’s warm hats alot.
She crochets them. Since her accident cool air causes headaches.
Her hats keep her head warm and headache free.
All done! (Danny, Michael, Linda & Felicia)
   Check out our shirts! A brother who has a printing company (not the same as asked us for a shirt design and made us shirts. They look great, don’t they?
Looking Around this giant 1,000 booth flea market… 
We had a good time at the Daytona Flea and Farmers Market. 
We’re heading farther south, see ya when we get there!