Imposter Tour #17: Big Pine Key, Florida

Point of View RV Resort (Key Largo, Florida)

Photo taken by D.R. McGuire at the point of view RV Resort.

Winter down here in the Florida Keys was good while it lasted. We tried to skip Winter, but it looks like when we leave Key Largo Florida that Winter is unavoidable! We certainly picked a good year to skip Winter because the entire country except southern Florida has been hit hard. Even Orlando wasn’t spared the cold weather. Tallahassee is in the single digits! Just last Winter L. McGuire wrote about the “Winterless Winter of 2011/2012“. I can’t wait to see what L. McGuire has in store for us in the next newsletter about the Winter of 2013/2014. As much as we love it here at the beautiful “Point of View RV Resort” in Key Largo, Florida; we are excited to head over to Texas. We have a wedding to attend to and can’t wait to visit with our dear friends, the Davis family. We stayed with the Davis family on their ranch in the Winter of 2010/2011. We had a great time!

Before we head on over to Texas, we can’t forget to tell you about our stay here in Key Largo. That’s right, the Imposter tour has been to the Florida Keys. We went to the Big Pine Key Flea Market all the way down to the Big Pine Key just past Marathon, Florida. Gave away about 20 DVDs. Even though the quantity of DVDs given away were small, they are there teaching whomever was led to freely receive one. Besides, the fact that the Florida Keys are so small of an area compared to any other city we’ve been to. Here are some pictures of our visit to the Big Pine Key Flea Market.

Time to put together the tent.

Time to put together the tent.


Fasten the canvas top...

Fasten the canvas top…

Push support poles out.

Push support poles out.

Double check...

Double check…

Can't forget the back wall...

Can’t forget the back wall…

Stake it down...

Stake it down…

Put up the banner...

Put up the banner…

Looks Great Michael! Excellent job!

Looks Great Michael! Excellent job!

Setting up the DVDs...

Setting up the DVDs…


All done!



Our next stop… Orlando’s Flea World, America’s largest flea market! See ya there!

Imposter Tour #16: Daytona Flea and Farmers Market, Daytona Beach, Florida

   Big Flea Markets aren’t hard to come by here in Florida. They are everywhere! After a week in St Augustine and nothing but cloudy days and rip current advisories it was time to get some warmer weather. Besides the Imposter Tour, that is the reason we came to Florida.
   Our next stop in Florida was the Daytona Flea & Farmers Market. Nope, no fleas here, we haven’t seen a flea since July. Anyways, the Daytona Beach Flea & Farmers Market has been rated one of the top 5 flea markets in the country. This place was so big while we were there we couldn’t even… With 1,000 booths, over 600 vendors and 3.5 million visitors yearly, we had to stop here! Since this Flea & Farmers Market is only open Fri, Sat & Sun, that’s over 20,000 visitors each day it’s open! That’s a really good way to get the message out there! Just providing you with the knowledge of how many visitors come here should give you a pretty good idea of how successful we were here! HalleluYAH! During Daniel’s shift, eight people gathered at the table at once to grab their free DVDs!

   Our new banner looks great. Brother Danny was in charge of packing the ministry stuff from the house and making sure we had everything. *sigh* He forgot our banner. But that’s ok! We were able to find a print shop here in Daytona Beach for same day print to get a new one. did a fabulous job! 
Setting up… 
(Michael, Danny, Linda & Felicia)
You may have noticed that Felicia wear’s warm hats alot.
She crochets them. Since her accident cool air causes headaches.
Her hats keep her head warm and headache free.
All done! (Danny, Michael, Linda & Felicia)
   Check out our shirts! A brother who has a printing company (not the same as asked us for a shirt design and made us shirts. They look great, don’t they?
Looking Around this giant 1,000 booth flea market… 
We had a good time at the Daytona Flea and Farmers Market. 
We’re heading farther south, see ya when we get there!

Imposter Tour #15: St Augustine, Florida Flea Market

 Our next stop… beautiful St. Augustine, Florida. St. Augustine is known for being the very first settlement. Forget what they say in Plymouth or Massachusetts, by the time the first settlers were grown, married, had children and died they were just arriving up north to America.
 We had lots of fun here at St. Augustine. Even though the weather wasn’t as hot and sunny as we hoped for, it was still great family fun! We parked our “home on wheels” at the beautiful Bryn Mawr Oceanfront Resort. If there is ever a place you need to park you RV that is right on the beach Bryn Mawr’s is a great spot! Whether you want to watch the sunset or sunrise, shell searching, bird watching, splash in the ocean waves, get sand between your toes, count the boat lights on the ocean at night or soak up some sunshine during the day, this place is sure to please. In a quiet setting tucked away in the palm trees, but yet a short drive from the many historical and tourist attractions. We didn’t have time for mini-golf, but enjoyed learning about America’s history here in St. Augustine.
 First we went to the Colonial Quarter’s Historical Adventure Tour. Here we went through a live historical adventure tour through time. Here are some pictures of our exciting adventure…

   Our Tour Guide.
   He showed us how the blacksmith shop worked. How the guns back in those days were operated how and why the homes were built the way they were built and much more!
   Here is a live representation of how early settlers in St. Augustine cooked. Cooking wasn’t done inside in a kitchen, instead it was done outside so the house wouldn’t get too hot.
   Our Tour Guide also explained the difference between the steep pitched homes and the flat top home; their advantages and disadvantages.
   The wooden homes were cheap and fast to build, but needed to be replaced every few years because of rot and termites. The wooden homes were steep pitched so the rain would runoff but heat was a problem for those types of homes. While the flat top homes had big windows with thick walls. Flat top homes lasted longer because they were built sturdier than the wooden homes. However, a flat top roof isn’t suitable for lots of rain. If you want to know my opinion, I’d say a steep pitched roof, thick walls and big windows sounds good for the hot and rainy days of Florida.
   We even got to tour inside what originally was a 16th Century one bedroom cottage. This cottage is how St. Augustine became popular because it was the very first well-built structure of its time.
The Bedroom
Not so sure what this room was called.
What looked like a den had an authentic weaving loom near the fireplace.
The Dining Room. 
In the next room was something the early settlers didn’t have in their homes.
The Kitchen!
Felicia (left) and Linda (right) having a great time!

Let’s take a look around the kitchen.

The counter with a fireplace behind it.

Now that we’re done checking out the kitchen…
Is anyone hungry? Dinner’s almost ready!
Another area of the yard near the cottage had a small one room office.
We each had a seat in the captain’s chair.
Brother Danny (Dad)
Sister Linda (Mom)
Sister Felicia
 Brother Michael

Brother Daniel
   And that concludes our Historical Adventure Tour.
   Next we went to the Old General Store and had a live tour of how the general store was. The General Store was a big excitement! This General store was the largest store of St. Augustine and the third largest of the state of Florida.
   The Oldest Store in Florida Museum was not like the Adventure Tour. We came into the store and the sales clerk basically treated us like we were old time customers. He was trying to sell stuff the store originally carried. From canned goods to candy, clothes, oil lamps, corn husker, apple peelers, women’s shoes, ect. It was like we were live in a commercial of how the salesmen would try ever so hard to sell stuff we didn’t need. 
   Lester, the store clerk, showing everyone around, welcoming us and offering some free candy. It looks like something you’d see from the old west days, the Oregon Trail game or from the TV Series, The Waltons.
   Lester showing us the music box to play while sitting our ‘parlor’.
   What supposedly is a silent milk shake maker the clerk repeatedly made us aware of how it is so silent, you won’t hear a thing…
Turned out to sound like a jack hammer machine!
Silent as a mouse. Can’t hear a thing! 😉
Lester, trying to sell us some more stuff.
And the coffee grinder, only $32.00!
   Don’t remember the store hand’s name but she tried to helped us find what we needed in the back. First she showed us the sewing machines.
   She then gave us a history of the bicycle’s appearance. And then showed us what they called a ‘Portable Pantry’.
   You can store your bread, flour, cake, sugar and spices. It even has a coffee grinder on the side! She said these ‘Portable Pantries’ came in handy for the everyday traveling salesmen.
There was even a real life action butcher!
The vacuum.
   The hand pump vacuum. You have to push around and pump this thing and your floors will be dirt and dust free in about 3 hours.

They even had the good ole’ fashion plunger style washing machine.
Some more general merchandise…
The telephone…
In case you can’t see what the sign says…
Before Telephone Numbers
When telephones first came into use, there were no telephone numbers. You had to crank a magneto phone to generate an electric signal to alert the switchboard operator who would connect your call. The operators knew everyone by name.
The yearly cost for phone service for homes was $18, $20 for farms, and $24 for businesses. Private lines were an extra $5.
Party Lines
Most people shared telephone line with up to twenty people. You could talk only five minutes or so before someone else wanted to make a call. Anyone on the party line could pick up their receiver and listen in to your conversation. The shared lines were called “party lines”.
Linda (left) and Felicia (right) listening in onto the party line. They were talking about spending too much money at the grocery store. And, “Did you hear about what Mary-Jane did after church?!?”
They also had a setup of all the old guns the original store sold.
More shopping…
And we can’t forget about the bathing suits!
Woah, all this shopping’s got us hungry! What about you?
Yummy! (Felicia)
Hmm, don’t mind if I do, thank you! (Michael)

Uh, how much can we have? (Daniel)
   Would you believe us if we told you there were at least 100 pieces of breads, cakes and pies in this bread cart. All of it was Styrofoam!
Oh how about a game of checkers!
Linda (left) and Danny (right)
Next door to the General Store was the old jailhouse.
   Michael, Danny and Daniel. If you check out the one in the middle, the one Danny is in, it looks similar to what Jeremiah|YirmeYahu was hung up in. This particular one here actually has a rope on the top loop to hang the cage up in the air.
   Now that everyone’s stay put and settled down we can finally tell you about how things went at the St. Augustine Flea Market.
   It was great! We only had a few DVDs out on the tables and people were already stopping, asking about our DVDs and eagerly grabbing their free copies.

Michael in the back, Linda (left) and Felicia (right) in the front.
Setting up…

   Once we initially got set up several flea market shoppers would come to our table and ask “What is this movie about”. Others were regular Bible studiers and church goers. They said they were eager to watch and learn more about end time prophesy and the Father’s Name. HalleluYAH! Several people would come up and converse about Scriptures with us, ask who we are, what we do and why. We even had a Muslim come and chat for 45 minutes!

To our left…
To our right…
Around the corner…
   We had a great time. You’re probably wondering why we are all dressed up with coats and jackets on. A cold front came through Florida that week. It was so cold, the lows were in the 30s in St. Augustine! We can’t wait to go down further south to where it’s warmer. See ya when we get there!

Imposter Tour #14: Downtown Sidewalk Salebration – Cadillac, Michigan

Downtown Sidewalk Salebration – July 27, 2013

While in the area we heard about the Cadillac Downtown sidewalk salebration. Vendors and shops downtown bring stuff out on the street. It’s a community event the city of Cadillac does every year. We set up our table downtown and gave away lots of free DVDs.

Imposter Tour #13: Northern District Fair – Cadillac, Michigan

The Cadillac, Michigan Northern Distric Fair – August 9-17, 2013
   We went to the Northern Disctruct Fair of Cadillac Michigan. It was a small fair but we were among the vendors in the main building. People came from all over the Northern Disctrict of Michigan to come to the fair. About 100 fair goers came into our spot and grabbed their free DVD!


Imposter Tour #12: Kaleva, Michigan- The Imposter Tour at the Kaleva

Kaleva, Michigan Vendor Sales July 19-21, 2013

When you go to a thrift store or street sale you don’t see someone giving stuff away for free… UNLESS you come to one that the FOY Ministry is at. You’ll find us with a table of our free DVDS! HalleluYAH! Michael and Daniel sat there with our FREE DVD table at the Keleva Vendor sales in the park.

Looking up the park…


Looking down the park…

And around the corner. Vendors were everywhere! The crowds came rolling in, cash and checks flowing and passing from one hand to the other as customers were buying whatever they pleased.

Walking on over to our tent and you’ll find smiling faces reaching out offering a free DVD of Yahuwah’s truth.

Brother Daniel
We gave away close to 100 DVDs that weekend!

Imposter Tour #11: Traverse City, Michigan- The Imposter Tour at the National Cherry Festival

Traverse City, Michigan – National Cherry Festival June 29th- July 6th
   It’s not called the NATIONAL Cherry Festival for no reason. Traverse City is the Cherry Capital of the

world! Driving through the rolling hills of the Traverse City farmland will sure to please the scenic sightseeer.
  You can drive for miles and see nothing but rolling hills of cherry orchard after cherry orchard.

  Every year cherry spectators come from around the country for this national festival. If you go to every gift shop, welcome/visitor center, or gift shop in the USA and if it’s there,they have it “cherry themed”. Apparel, socks, slippers, swim wear, pet clothes, dog leash and collar, hats, belts, mugs, pens, rocks, candy, bookmarks, shoes and jewelry. The list is endless, every type of souvenir you can think of, it was there. Not to mention the large variety of cherry foods they had to offer in the festival and a “Cherry Queen” beauty pageant. Everything for the cherry enthusiast. This festival is so well known around the nation that Food Unwrapped even did an episode on it!

Sitting around thinking of where the next showing could be and checking out all the local events in the vicinity of northwest Michigan. We decided to get a booth at the Traverse City National Cherry Festival and gave away lots of DVDs!

At the festival there was a living statue. Daniel got his picture taken with him. It looked so real! He dropped a coin in the pot and the living statue came to life, played his guitar and flipped Daniel’s hat backwards.

   On the way out we saw a Christian street witnessing. Michael walked up and gave him a DVD.
Street witnessing to the street witnesser!
Photos from
The National Cherry Festival 2013. Traverse City, Michigan.
Cherries… Cherries… Cherries!
Locally grown cherries
Fresh Picked Cherries
Cherries in a cup!
The dazzling view from the ferris wheel!
Fourth of July Fireworks
We loved it so much, you might even get to see us there next year!

Imposter Tour #10: Copemish, Michigan- The Imposter Tour Hits Flea Markets


IMG_1848 That is right, the Imposter tour stops at Flea Market! Well, actually this will be the first of many stops at various flea markets, fairs, festivals and other summer time events! As many of you know the F.O.Y. ministry has been going every where we are able to venture to. Our main agenda is to share the Besorah to all. In this process we want to also warn the people of the coming Strong Delusion. The Strong Delusion which leads up to the unveiling of the Imposter! Each event we do takes a lot of time. Each showing involves months of planning and preparing. Anyone off the streets is invited just as the parable of the wedding feast states: Since this earth age is entering into the ninth inning, the F.O.Y. ministry wanted to pump up the volume so to speak, in getting this prophetic message out there. When doing showings, guests normally show up due to our advertising. They are drawn in either through radio broadcasts, the newspaper ads, and fliers or simply by word of mouth. This time however, we wanted to reach even more people! Now more than ever, us, Temple Builders must be working while it is still light before the darkness comes. Therefore, we decided to take advantage of the long weekend by setting up a booth at a local flea market!  
What better way to kick off the summer than with a bang! Since the economy continues to be in an ever increasing slumber state, more and more people are cutting corners any way than can to save money. They are looking for cheap deals on good quality new and used stuff. What better place to find just what they need than at a flea market! Of course, us called out ones know the most important matter we all need is Yahushua! Therefore, we journeyed out to share the Besorah while Blowing the Ram’s Horn to all that thirst.

IMG_1846With two weeks to plan, the F.O.Y. ministry got out our tackle boxes! We burned and printed hundreds of DVD’s. Even though this was a small flea market we had a great time. We met a family there doing vendor work. After spending some time with them they invited us to stay on their property for free while we set up at the National Cherry Festival! What a wonderful blessing this will be for us.

Here is the wonderful huge 8 ½ feet by 3 feet Tour Banner! We’ve wanted to get one for a very long time but didn’t have the funds. Actually the waiting to purchase this turned out to be a great benefit for us. Most banner’s this size easily cost anywhere from 100 to 200 bucks but we were able to get this banner for only $42.00 bucks plus shipping charges! What a great eye catcher at a very affordable price.


And we also have wrists bands, pens and bumper stickers (not shown).
Sister Felicia opening the box of pens that just arrived in the mail.
Sister Felicia opening the box of pens that just arrived in the mail.

Need a pen? We got plenty!

These wristbands read, “ – The Answer is in the WORD!”
These wristbands read, “ – The Answer is in the WORD!”


Here we are at the Copemish Mi, Flea Market

Sister Felicia and Sister Linda


Brother Michael and Sister Linda

(left) Daniel, Michael and Sister Linda (far left)
fellowshipping with some fellow flea market vendors who
came to eagerly take some of our movies.

This is so much fun.
Fellowshipping and giving away free stuff!