The Imposter Tour #49: Biloxi, MS – Neptune Night Parade


Our next stop was taking the Imposter tour to the streets in Biloxi, Mississippi during the Neptune Night Parade. This parade was the biggest one so far that we have seen. People were lined up for miles and miles just on the street we were at. The entire parade route was many streets.

To our left:
To our right:
People starting setting up hours before the parade even started. People had tents set up. Lots of grilling going on also. As we were driving by I even saw a motor home parked and set up!

Brother Michael performing and doing some street witnessing to some people:
A picture of the free literature to those who were interested:
Pictures of some of the parade floats:

This parade was long! When it ended this is the mess that was left behind.
One paraded that we didn’t go to but drove down one of the parade route streets, was nothing but broken BEADS! It was a total mess.

We pray that those who received the free material will be blessed by it. We hope we did a good job of planting the seed!

Next stop, the D’lberville/St. Martin North Bay Association Parade. Shalom everyone, see you there!

The Imposter Tour #48: Mardi Gras Parade -Gulfport, MS

Our next stop was the Gulfport, Krewe of Gemini Carnival Day Parade. We managed to park close to the parade line up. We had plenty of time to view the floats before the parade began.

Lots of people starting to line up to watch this parade:
As soon as the parade starting so did the loud music along with the throwing of beads, cups, stuff animals, flowers and all sorts of stuff:

Look at all those beads they are going to throw out to the parade watchers:


The Christian themed floats where more laid back. I don’t think they gave any beads away just handed out Christian tracts:
Some beads on a dog:
I think this was the longest float in the entire parade:

This parade was the more family oriented one. People seems happy to celebrate the pagan feast of Mardi Gras. As bystanders in the parade we did get a lot of beads, cups, flowers thrown at us:

See you all at our next Parade!

The Imposter Tour #47 Mardi Gras Parade -New Orleans, LA

The FOY ministry has always enjoyed doing street witnessing. Years ago, before we came into the truth we had a non-denomination tract ministry. This ministry consisted of going to any given city, town or village passing out various Christian dogmatic teachings! A times, we sat outside movie theatres, Walmart as well as other grocery stores. It was not uncommon to see mixing in any public gathering such as festivals and parades. We mostly went door to door.  Hey if the Jehovah witnesses can do it, so can we, right? Of course, we can! I’ll never forget the little town Hillsboro Ohio. After we came into the knowledge of the truth (Sabbath, Torah, Yahushua), we went back to every single home, grocery store (Walmart, K-mart, etc.), festival, movie theatres, restaurants and even the Christmas parades! Even though it’s been close to twenty years ago, I still remember that fire burning deep with me, as we passed out the very first FOY ministry tracts! HalleluYah!

Street witnessing back then was easy. You didn’t need a permit to give something away. And most businesses didn’t care if you asked first. Getting the owners’ permission was all that was needed. Not anymore! Now-a-days, most businesses want to know exactly what is going to be given away.  Quite a few businesses even require the group to have proof they are non-profit organization. Yet others require the group having a tax I.D. number and/or holds a 501C tax exempt status. To hand any material out during parades, festivals or other street witnessing requires a permit! Another fee in the city’s pocket!

Considering these matters, we here at the FOY ministry were very exciting in knowing that some of these Golf Coast Cities will allow street witnessing without having to obtain a permit! If you have ever done or thought of doing any sort of street witnessing, then you know firsthand all the red tape (rules and regulations) that is required just to stand on the public street and give free material away! The only regulation that the city told us is that if the Police were to see us, they could ask us to leave or hand over our material.
Back in 2016 we planned on doing some Southern States, yet we didn’t plan on the time frame or time of year we’d be in any given city. We truly feel Yahuwah had His hand in this. We had a 60-day delay back in November/December of 2016. This delay caused us not to make it to Corpus Christi Texas this year. However, the delay did put us right here in these Southern States during the very popular Mardi Gras festivals season!

We have never been to any type of Mardi Gras festival! Mardi Gras can be quite wild as this is a feast that starts December 6th and ends on Fat Tuesday (day before Ash Wednesday). This long feast is a time of much wild debauchery.

There are many Mardi Gras parades where people are packed in the streets. Considering this we wanted to take full advantage of this situation. Off we went making sure we had plenty of material which included tracts and DVD’s. We searched for the most crowded areas where we could hand out our material. Not wanting to force our beliefs on anyone, we decided to set up a FOY station at any given high traffic corner!

Our first Mardi Gras Festival was in Ocean Springs by the Carnival Association Parade. Not knowing anything about Mardi Gras we were very surprised at what we saw. The parade mostly consisted of loud music and lots of beads being thrown out of the floats. The video footage did not turn out so great but you can see Sister Linda talking a little about it along with Brother Danny interview some of the bystanders:
We were not able to stay for the entire night parade because the parade didn’t start until late. Here are some pictures:

See you at the next parade!

The Imposter Tour #46: Biloxi, MS

Our next stop was at the Finders Keeper Flea Market in Biloxi Mississippi! We have met some wonderful people while on the National Imposter tour, especially down here in the deep south. We found this flea market while staying in Pass Christian. We were very exciting to learn that through March the outdoor vendors can set up for FREE! How exciting is that? What a huge blessing for us! The average flea market fee is 25.00 bucks for one day! Here is Brother Danny setting up:

At Finders Keepers flea market people just set up wherever they want. Here are some pictures:

Despite this being a smaller flea market, with only nine vendors, we gave 15 DVD’s away. Praise Yahuwah! We always pray asking Yahuwah to bring who He wants to our spot so we can witness to whoever may need and whoever is open to receiving the truth!

See You all! Next stop, taking the Imposter tour to the streets of Mississippi and New Orleans!

The Imposter Tour #45: Menge Flea Market -Pass Christian

Our next stop, was at the Menge Flea Market in Pass Christian Mississippi! Not only was the Menge Flea Market rather large, with over 200 vendors, but there was a RV campground nestle behind the flea market. The campground offered bathrooms, washer/dryers and even Wi-Fi! We enjoyed staying at the campground because it was not very busy, had plenty of trees and offered a peaceful fishing pond! Not to mention to stay here for one month was very reasonable at $508.00!


Some pics of the nice campground:

This place was a wonderful stop for us. One reason is because of the location which was perfect for us. We were about 64 miles away from New Orleans. Plus, we had access to many popular Gulf coast cities (lots of tour stops). We did all sorts of street witnessing without a permit (click here, here, here, here and here). If you have ever done or thought of doing any sort of street witnessing, then you know firsthand all the red tape (rules and regulations) that is required just to stand on the public street and give free material away! We were very excited to know that we can do this without a permit.
The flea market at Menge is considered the largest outdoor flea market in the Mississippi Gulf Coast. They remain open every weekend regardless of the weather. The Menge flea market has everything bargain hunters are looking for. New and used items, concession food, fresh produce, flowers, plants, furniture, crafts, books, DVD’s, clothing, tools, jewelry, toys, perfume, army surplus, Avon, garage sale stuff and so much more. Here are some pictures of the flea market parking lot:

The Menge Flea Market here in Mississippi is a very busy, popular stop for all those looking bargain shoppers. Here we are at our spot. Today we gave about 30 DVD’s away.

Here, way in the back you can see Brother Michael running our spot:

While out stretching our legs, we had to get a picture of Sister Linda t at “Linda’s Bowtique” a vendor here at Menge Flea Market. Nothing more special to make females feel and look feminine (as they were designed to be ladylike) than having colorful bows to put in our hair!  Each of us (male and female) should be wearing our birth garments that was given to us at birth. To learn more about this please read “Name that Gender” and “Gender Garments“)

Here at “Linda’s Bowtique” there were so many bows to choose from!

Some more pictures taken around the Menge Flea Market in Mississippi:


While at the Menge flea Market we met, some had a wonderful time socializing and witnessing to people there. Sadly, we were disappointment about the one prayer/healing booth that was telling people that they were healed only for the person not to be healed!  This is very dangerous ground to be walking on. How sad for that young child on crutches, to be told god healed him only to walk out of the booth desperately needing his crutches. These people used this innocent child for their own recognition, posting Facebook pictures of the little boy claiming he was healed!  Making such statements to a child could cause that child to hate anything Biblical! Each situation is different and thus we do not know the many reasons. For anyone to be claim, ‘your lack of faith has hindered your healing’ or that ‘your sin has caused this disease’ needs to repent! Instead of passing judgement each of us should have compassion an anyone who is suffering!

See you all at our next stop in Biloxi Mississippi Flea Market!

The Imposter Tour #44: Mobile, Alabama


Our next stop was here at the Mobile Flea market. We called ahead and was given permission to sleep in the parking lot since we would be getting there super late after the Sabbath. This was a huge blessing for us so we didn’t have to pay for a one night camping spot.

The Mobile Flea Market was quite large and very busy. Some pictures of the full parking lot.

Brother Danny was up very early despite pulling into the flea market late the night before. He sat everything up and he did a great job!

Brother Mike making sure the table is well stocked full of DVD’s for those who are interested. Such as this lady who was one of many that stopped by our booth that day!

Sister Linda, out taking a walk through the flea market. This flea market was very busy with lots of people and lots of bargains.

Normally on Sunday’s, flea markets don’t get busy until after church services. Not here! The Mobile Flea Market stayed busy like this the entire Sunday we were there.

This vendor had a lot of musical instruments!

Lots and lots of produce!

Once you’ve been orange picking, you won’t want to buy the store-bought oranges. Years ago, we went orange picking while down in Florida. The oranges looked and taste anything like the ones the super markets sell. I was shocked when I first picked an orange. It was not very orange in color along with it had no shiny wax coating on it. However, it was extremely juicy, sweet and it has seeds! Very good orange.

Look at this? I was so surprised to see this at the Mobile Flea Market? Very cool! Well off to our next tour stop, Pass Christian Mississippi!

The Imposter Tour #43: Gulf Breeze, Florida

Our next stop was in Gulf breeze Florida

We like to reserve our spot a few days before we set up. Most Flea Markets are only open on Saturday and on Sunday. Therefore, we like to show up on Friday to pick a spot for that Sunday! When we showed up here, we learned that this flea market offers a campground. So, we thought we would check it out. Turned out the campground was so small that we about passed it up. While we were checking out two men in an old truck, decided to be the vendor police, I guess as they followed us then even trying to block us in a certain area. The one yelled out the window, “You all need some help!” When we said yeah is there an opening at the campground?” With his southern tone, he makes it quite clear we would have to see the office about that inquiry.
Despite this Flea Market being kind of small, I was very surprised to see how busy this place was. We had a wonderful time sharing our DVD’s with the locals. Another vendor couple who were deaf, spent some time with us.  Sadly, our DVD’s are not yet set up for the hearing impaired.  Nevertheless, they were excited to take them. They will be able to order directly from the website books and tracts as well. Here are some pictures:

Brother Mike and Sister Linda at our spot!

Brother Danny and Sister Linda

We always enjoy taking a break to stretch our legs. As you can tell from the above picture this smaller flea market had a lot of stuff to look at. We saw some old, new and unique items that people were selling.

As you can see both sides of the isles were full of stuff for bargain shoppers to browse through.

This place looks like it used to be a bunch of storage units with a roof over top the walk way converted to a flea market.

Need a hat? This vendor had many to pick from! Lots of people looking for a great bargain.

We didn’t go into this shop. However, we stood outside in the walkway and managed to take a few snapshots. As you can see this place was full of strange things such as skulls and statutes. We personally do not understand why these things are so popular but they are!

All kinds of warm shawls for those cool southern nights. Not to mention lots of pants.

Picture of the full parking lot at the Gold Breeze flea market! Lots of people to share the Besorah with!

Our next stop Mobile Alabama! See You all there.

The Imposter Tour #42: Sadie’s Flea Market – Dothan, Alabama

While staying at Brother Lee’s ranch, we managed to get a spot at the Sadie’s Flea Market in Alabama.

Getting our spot set up before the people start coming:

Here is a picture from the side and as we can see lots of vendors.
This is just one stretch of the outside area. We were very surprised when we got here at how big Sadie’s Flea Market really is. Besides the huge outside area there is also an indoor area for vendors to set up shop. As tight as the economy has been, people are always looking for great bargains. Besides community yard sales, home owner yard sales, second hand and thrift stores flea markets are a great place to find hidden treasures!

Here is a view from one of the isle found inside the flea market. There was so much stuff here, wow!

Shalom EVERYONE! We had a very busy day here, as we gave 50 DVD’s away! We are so excited to get to set up at our next spot in Gulf Breeze.  Can’t wait to see you all there.

The Imposter Tour #41: Tallahassee, Florida Flea Market

While staying in Perry, Florida we really desired to find a flea market to set up in Tallahassee. We were very excited to not only find a flea market, but to actually get a spot at one. See a lot of flea/farm/arts/craft markets are enforcing tougher rules and having all sorts of regulations just to freely give material away. Here let me explain, some owners of the various markets don’t want to ‘offend’ potential buyers, so all material must receive a mark of approval before it can be distributed. Yet other markets do not want any religious material on their property what so ever.  While other markets, want at least one month commitment! Considering these issues, finding a flea market or any market for that matter can be time consuming! That is why in some states, we may only get to cover one or two areas. Sure, any given state may have hundreds of flea markets, but sadly only a few will accommodate what we have to offer. So, we were very excited that Tallahassee would allow us to set up our table with free DVD’s!
The city of Tallahassee is very emotional for all of us here at the FOY ministry. As many of you know and to those who do not know, a few years ago, (back in 2011) we were on the National Imposter Tour driving from Florida on our way to Oregon, when our lives suddenly changed! Our truck engine just stopped while in the fast lane, we had to make an emergency stop in the fast lane. Brother Danny and Brother Daniel both got out of the truck. The moments that followed were very traumatic. Sister Felicia decided to get out of the truck also. A truck doing 70 miles per hour, didn’t see us and served into the median where Sister Felicia was standing and struck her! How devastating for us here at the FOY ministry. I am thus reminded, “And we know that all matters work together for good to those who love Elohim, to those who are called according to HIS purpose.” (Romans 8:28)
HalleluYah! We give all praise and esteem to Yahuwah! As Yahuwah’s purpose, was for Sister Felicia to continue being a major player in the FOY ministry! To learn about this devastating yet miraculous moment of our lives please read here.
When we drive past the mile marker where the accident took place, we always give shouts of praise to Yahuwah for He is worthy to be praised!!!! Rejoice with us for all the kindness He has bestowed upon the FOY ministry! Here are some pictures while at the Tallahassee Flea Market:
The guys setting up the banner:

Brother Danny and Sister Linda waving as they always do:

Burr it was a very chilly day there, so thankful we all dressed for the cooler temps.

This Flea market was a nice size with plenty of stuff for people to look shop for:

Here is one of many people that stopped by our spot to check out our DVD’s.

Here we see all the pretty Piñata’s hanging up. And look at all the bountiful veggies on display! All the wonderful bright vibrant colors. Yummy so good for us all instead of all the processed, GMO poison that has become the SAD (Standard America Diet) that so many are destroying themselves with.

People out looking for some great bargains. The best bargain was the bargain of truth they got for free from our booth! HalleluYAH! We had a great time!

See you all the next National Imposter Tour Stop!


The Imposter Tour: Pit Stop – Bascom Florida

As much as we enjoy doing the tour work, the fact remains at times we get lonely. We like everyone else enjoy and desperately need the fellowship of like-minded believers. I am thus reminded:

“not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging, and so much more as you see the Day coming near.” -Hebrews 10:25

At times, we move so quickly from one area to the next that we are not physically able to gather together. When we are near other like-minded believers no matter how brief the stay might be, those memories are precious and joyful for us.  We deeply thank those who have opened their homes for us to fellowship with. May each of you be greatly blessed by Yahuwah!

At this Pit Stop we spent some time with Brother Lee at his ranch in Bascom Florida. Those of you might not realize this, but we met Brother Lee while he was in prison through our prison ministry. He received the FOY publications and was very thankful for the material. Since he has been released from prison, Brother Lee ministers to others that are being released from prison. Not only does he give them a place to live but he also encourages them by offering them farming work on his ranch. May Yahuwah bless Brother Lee, as his income along with donations is what keeps this ranch up and running! Here are some pictures we managed to take while eating dinner:

Brother Lee is a very caring, serving and giving person! We here at the FOY ministry deeply thank Brother Lee for letting us stay on his property while in the area.

The Imposter Tour #40: Perry, Florida

Yahuwah has blessed us to be able to spend some time with other like-minded believers in Perry Florida. Sadly, our friends had to go out of town due to a family emergency. However, before they left we had a great time fellowshipping and laughing. Here is a pic of Brother Ed and Brother Michael eating and enjoying each other company.

The little town of Perry is full of people that are down to earth, friendly and very kind. We were disappointed to learn that the local flea market had closed a few years ago. We thought it was still operating, that is why we came here. While driving through town one day, we saw that a storage company was having a yard sale/storage sale. We thought, it was worth a try to see if they would let us setup our table to give our free DVD’s away along with witnessing to others. To our surprise, not only did they allow us to set up but they allowed us to do it for free!!!!! I believe Florida’s winter has arrived as it was a very cold day.


 This little place got busy! We gave 5 sets of DVD’s away. Two venders came by and blessed us with two donations. Since we do not get many donation, we were very thankful for those. The same two venders, each took a set of our DVD’s. The one vender named Diane, knew about some of the deeper truths to our faith. Apparently, her friend has been sowing seeds to her. We are hoping that after talking to us, we could give that seed sown deep within her some water! And may Yahuwah allow that seed to grow. The other vender named, Betty who has kidney issues, got upset with us at first even walking away! The Ruach Ha Qodesh must have been moving her to come back. She came back and took the set of our DVD’s stating that she will study this information and hopefully our material will be the truth she has been looking for. If so then she will consider it further. Before we left she even turned around and blessed us with some of her yard sale items! We were at the FOY ministry beseech you to please, keep these two women in your prayers!

An older couple has recently lost their house to fire and they were so happy with what they had, their lives. After talking to them for a few minutes Sister Linda noticed that the older gentleman and Brother Danny had something in common, both lost their finger:

 We had a wonderful time despite the cooler weather meeting some people from Perry Florida!


The Imposter Tour: Pit Stop, Panama City, Florida

While on the road, traveling can get lonely. When we can fellowship with other like-minded believers, we count it a blessing! We had a wonderful time spending a few Sabbath’s with the Congregation of YHWH there in Panama City Florida.

Having fun around the dinner table.

Brother Michael and a dear Sister practicing music together:

Sister Linda enjoying listening to them play music

Sister Linda was checking out their sukkot they still had up from the Fall.

Brother Danny with one of the brothers.

Everyone having a blessed time

Sister Linda serving the gluten free yummy cream cheese brownies