The Imposter Tour #32 : Hudson Flea Market -Surfside Beach, South Carolina



We were still at the Pirate Family Resort Campground. Sister Felicia and Sister Linda decided to wear matching outfits today! White, Yellow, Blue & Green.

At our spot in the flea market.


Looking left…


And Looking right…

You didn’t quite see anything like our spot setup.

Just in case you missed us, to give you an idea… you’d see our smiling faces standing there waiting to give you some of our free materials.
Here’s a picture.img_5326bSister Felicia, Sister Linda and Brother Danny

Sister Felicia, Sister Linda and Brother Daniel had their shift

img_5330Sister Felicia and Brother Daniel took shift.

img_5331Later in the day, a fellow Sister in Messiah came to visit us. We had great fellowship time and blessed her with materials to minister to her.

We had an amazing experience here at Surfside Beach. Meeting a follower of our Ministry and even being acquainted with a Sister in Messiah! She was working at a food booth. Brother Daniel really loves Taco Salads and he was asking for a Gluten Free Taco Salad. He ordered one for lunch and since he enjoyed it so much Sister Linda recommended he ordered one for him and Brother Danny for Dinner when we were packing up to close. The woman brought the order to our booth and Sister Felicia noticed she had TzitTzit on her belt. We asked her about it she also was a Follower of Yahushua! Wow! What a coincidence. She told us she has a assembly they gather at. We packed her a bag of a few of all the materials we had there with us to share with the Assembly she was with. How awesome! It’s not everyday you bump into a fellow member of the Body of Messiah, Yahushua who follows YAH’s Laws, Feast Days and Shabbat! HalleluYAH! We were so excited. We had other plans and had to leave that next morning so we missed meeting her Assembly she attends. You never know, maybe next time on our way through we will!

Until next time, be on the lookout for updates of where we are heading next!


Where’s our next stop? If YAH Wills it we would like to head onto the West USA after Sukkot this year. So if you are in the CA, NV, UT, AZ, NM, CO area and have a warm winter without all the snow and freezing temperature, let us know. Like we mentioned above, If YAH wills it WE-WILL-BE-THERE!

If we won’t be in West USA then we will be in the Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky area instead. Whatever is YAH’s Will.


2 thoughts on “The Imposter Tour #32 : Hudson Flea Market -Surfside Beach, South Carolina

  1. If you make it up to NE Indiana (around Fort Wayne) we’d love to meet with you. We have a few small groups here of like-minded believers that would be thrilled to meet and worship with you.
    You’ll also have plenty of hospitality and warm beds!
    Yahuwah bless you and your ministry!
    Baruk hata Elohim Yahuwah

  2. To Followers of YAH…..for several years now we have been blessed by your blessed material that have truly helped us seek deeper and that as you all probably know may have double response, in my case and my two daughters has made us grow in YAH and learn deep truths, praise HIS name !!! on the other hand my husband …now ex, could not or would not continue in HIM in such deep obedience and left the family and sadly now is back in the world. We continue loving and obeying YAH and have introduced you to two brothers in the faith, one in New York and another in West Virginia, and they too love your materials. Todah Todah for your deep commitment to YAH to bless so many with HIS Truth. Thank you, Thank You from our hearts !!
    Sarahmyriam. Gabby and Abby

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