The Imposter Tour STILL GOING STRONG! -Tour Stop #33: 3rd Ave Flea Market – Ardmore, Oklahoma

On our way to keep Sukkot in Texas, we made a tour stop in Ardmore, Ok.

Before heading down into Texas to keep Sukkot 2016, we stopped at the flea market they had there. It’s called 3rd Ave Flea Market.

The owner blessed us in that he did not charge us for a spot since we were doing ministry work. We witnessed to him and he gladly received our free materials.

Sister Linda and Sister Felicia standing outside the 3rd Ave Flea Market of Ardmore, OK. It had some fun and colorful graphics on the front windows.


Even though this flea market was little, it sure was busy! We gave many DVD’s away along with sharing the truth about Torah and Messiah to those who are starving to be spiritually fed.



Before we were leaving, we noticed a homeless man, pushing a grocery cart full of stuff down the street. We know that Yahuwah’s timing is everything. Therefore, we took this as an opportunity to share our reading literature to him. He was very excited to receive the gifts! Please keep him along with others in your daily prayers.



Here are some pictures from around the flea market:

Brother Daniel checking out a booth with some vintage antiques inside!

Old license plates are fun to collect, lots of those posted around the outside of the flea market.

Oklahoma has a large Native American population! Which is one of the reasons why we would like to come back to Oklahoma to reach the Native Americans!  

There certainly was plenty of items at this flea market that was worn out, old and seemingly worthless to some people. What may be trash, or old and worn down to some may be treasure to others. Which reminds me of the fact that all of us, whether young or old may have some insecurities, troubles, sadness or a feeling of not belonging sometime in our lives. Our life’s issues today or in the past may have left us feeling like trash, or not being the value of our true worth. It doesn’t matter, because while you may feel like you are worth nothing to this world you are worth far more than you can imagine to our Father YAH in heaven above! HalleluYAH!

“For you are a set-apart people to Yahuwah your Elohim. Yahuwah your Elohim has chosen you to be a people for Himself, a treasured possession above all the peoples on the face of the earth. (Deuteronomy|Debarim 7:6)

You might enjoy this encouraging video from Chad Prather on YouTube:

Until next time! This tour is still going strong and we’re getting excited for some amazing more stops around the country!

29 Cities, 33 Stops and STILL COUNTING!


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