On the Road Again…

Danny McGuire concentrating on the road

   Shalom and Greetings, The FOY Ministry is on the road again, continuing with our nationwide tour. Our progress for our travels are the following.


   After the Feast of Tabernacles in Texas we stayed in Texas for a while with some friends. Did the free movie showing in Wichita Falls, Texas. We traveled to Oklahoma to visit some friends and Arkansas to personally delivered DVD’s tracts and a hundred pounds or so of our books to a brother who needed materials for a seminar. We then moved over to North Carolina and slid down through South Carolina and Georgia into Florida down to Cape Coral area for the Cape Coral showing. After that we Rv’ed on down into Key Largo at John PenneKamp and visited Key West. Unexpectedly a little further norht a showing in Delray Beach popped up.  Then we were ready to leave Florida. We drove up through the sunshine state and had great weather for traveling.

Michael pumping the fuel. Before we had a diesel truck diesel was always cheaper than gasoline.
We were actually told diesel is cheaper to make than gasoline but they still charge more. 

   We cannot comprehend what it is with the state of Florida and tires, we traveled from Texas to Oklahoma, to Arkansas to North Carolina and all the way through to Florida and once we hit Florida we had 5 tire blowouts. The evil one tried to hinder us in getting this important message out during our three mission trips in Florida by having us go through 5 tires. Here are some of the picture of the tires.

-The Bubble-

As we were driving down the highway and a passing car honked their horn at us; pointing to the camper. We pulled over and saw this….

-Tire Separating from Rim-
Periodically from the tire problems, the tires were checked at the rest areas or fuel stops. Danny saw this tire when he was checking under the camper one morning before we pulled out. It was separating from the rim. Here are some more pictures…….
A closeup of the tire separating from the rim.

The tire off the rim.

Oh the joys or traveling.

This next tire by far is the worst! When it exploded it sounded like a bomb went off.
At first we thought it was the truck tire from the loud noise and it even jerked the truck too!

How awful!


never seen a tire like this before.


This section of “On The Road Again’ ends with us on Highway 10 traveling towards Tallahassee Florida. Until Next time. Yahuwah be with you all.

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