This Message Will Go Forth!

Despite what happened to Sister Felicia (video below) this message will go forth!

As many of you know the F.O.Y. ministry has been on a mission since March 2011, going to as many places as Yahuwah will allow for us to Blow the Ram’s Horn!

After doing some free  movie and dinner showings, street witnessing and fellowshipping with  other believers, we were ready to leave the state of Florida. We were on  route to Oklahoma. We were going to spend some time with some believers  before making those 2000 some odd miles to the West Coast. Yes, we had a  long road ahead of us. We were going from the southern point of the  nation all the way up and over to the West Coast. You might be thinking,  why in the world would we make such a trip? Good question!  I  guess we can say the same reason why Abram left UR. We sought the  Mighty One of Yisra’el on the direction we should go. The door was  opened for Brother Danny to have work for the next four months on the  West Coast. The job also allowed us to freely live on the premises. With  free living conditions, the small income would enable us to promote the  tour by having more free showings on the West Coast! Yahuwah supplied  us with the funds to make the long journey. To some called out ones, the  trip may have seemed crazy. However, each of us must step back and  ponder if called up, would you be a trustworthy and faithful servant? Or  would you run like the prophet Jonah did? We are not by any means  suggesting we are like the prophet Jonah. On the other hand we are  simply trying to share that each member of the Body of Mashiach has work  to do. What may seem crazy for one member may not be crazy for the one  called to do it. Comprehending this will allow the Body of Mashiach to not only work together but grow. If we all work together lifting Yahushua up then all men shall be drawn to HIM! Have  you ever heard of the autobiography called, “Ten P’s in a Pod”? Well  some dear friends whom we deeply love, blessed us with an audio CD set  of, “Ten P’s in a Pod” by Mr. Arnold Pent. Even though this is from a  Christian perspective, we all can learn from this remarkable true life  story. The F.O.Y.’s lives resemble  how these people lived. If you have never heard of this family’s  autobiography, we highly recommend getting the book or even the CD set.  This family traveled a million miles to spread the message to everyone they could. When we were in the state of Montana, Yahuwah  humbled us and taught us to fully depend on Him. He went on to tell  Bro. Danny that we will have what we need, when we need it and nothing  more. The Mighty One of Yisra’el actually told Bro. Danny that we would  go places we do not want to go. Who really wants to hear that?  Nevertheless, He also spoke, “I will take care of your every need!” Yahuwah  also told Bro. Danny that we would be sowing lots of seeds but would  not see the full harvest as we would not sit idle very long at any given  place. A few weeks later, while driving through a tiny town in Montana  called Hope Yahuwah spoke, “Sit back and watch me work My Mighty Wonders!” When He told us, “You are about to go on a roller coaster ride”,  He was preparing us for this journey! What a journey we have been on,  witnessing to so many yet all the while fully depending on Him to supply  our every need. Truly, our faith is getting stronger. Yahuwah  has done some Mighty Wonders for us, to say the least. Not fully  knowing what the outcome would be, as faithful servants; off we went. May 17th 2011, started off as any other day for the F.O.Y.  ministry. We had just spent a very peaceful night at a rest area. When  traveling on the road, before we start the journey, we always run a  check of the truck and camper. Before we move an inch, we take the time  to pray. Since the rest area was full when we got there, we had to park  closer to the highway with two other semis. Since we were one of the  last ones to pull in, well we were also one of the last ones to leave. A  sheriff came by asking if we were having problems since we were close  to the road. Once we explained this to him, he completely understood. We  told him how we just came up from the beautiful keys. We could not  believe how much colder this area was but he told us that a cold front  had just moved in. Boy, it was cold! We left the rest area shortly  around 9:30 a.m. I still recall how we all were laughing and having a  good time. None of us knew that a few ten miles down the road our lives  were about to drastically change! Driving  through Route 10 is a little different from the rest of Florida. This  area is very pretty with pine trees and valleys. As we entered into a  valley of very long straight hills, the truck suddenly just quit  working. Danny’s voice was very serious when he said, “It’s not doing  anything!”  He quickly turned on his turn signal to try to move over  into the slow lane. Big semi trucks always try to get as much speed as  they can to make it up the other hill. So it was close to impossible for  us to get over. The speed of the truck was rapidly declining as we  began to go up the hill. In a rush to get over, I stuck my head out the  window motioning, “Can we get over!” Sorry to say, no one let us over. The truck slowly came to a complete halt.  Stuck up on the hillside, Danny turned the flashers on. While getting  out of the truck the first thing He did was call 911 for assistance.  From where we had stopped, traffic could see us for about a mile give or  take. All traffic was thus going into the slow lane. Within moments,  our lives were about to radically change. As Felicia got out of the  truck she said, “Mom, please don’t get all worked up, everything is  going to be fine. :)” She went to the back of the camper to tell her Dad  that Daniel believed it might be the battery. If I had known what laid  ahead for Felicia, I would have held onto her arm and say, “No, You stay  right here!” Needless to say, the Creator has a plan much bigger than  we could ever imagine or comprehend.

Felicia told Danny. Just as Danny and Daniel made their way to the front of  the truck….in that moment, that split second of time, our lives  unexpectedly and drastically changed! Sitting in the truck, I heard a  very loud yet deep B-O-O-M! Within milliseconds a truck doing about  55mph to 60mph passes us up in the median. “Oh! Nooooo! That  truck just hit something!” I yelled to our one son. No sooner than I  said that, I thought “Where’s Felicia anyway?” I saw parts of a vehicle,  grass and something else flying in the air. My husband’s back is facing  me as he was standing alongside our truck with Daniel. He immediately  starts jumping up and down screaming, “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” over and  over again. In that instant, I felt my entire spirit go out from me.  Michael and Daniel are also outside the truck in the grass screaming  turning towards me, “WHY, Why! Felicia’s hit!” Everything seemed  to be in slow motion. My heart began to pound. At that very moment, time  stopped for me!  Grabbing the bottle of activated charcoal, I slid off  the truck seat. Hunched over holding my stomach, I managed to get to the  side where I could see Felicia. Throwing myself to the pavement, from  w-a-y down in the pit of my being, I began to wail uncontrollably.  Screaming at the top of my lungs, I hallooed, cried out in my deepest despair, “Yahuwah help her! “Yahuwah save her!” “Oh Yahuwah…don’t take her!” I felt as if I was stuck in-between reality and a nightmare.  By her side, Danny prayed, “Please Yahuwah, please let her breath!” He continued, “Don’t take her…please!” Just then, from the roadside I yelled “Is she breathing?” “Yes, she is breathing!” He said while proceeding in anointing her. “HalleluYAH! Thank you Yahuwah!”  I cried.  Quietly we heard a muffled moan. Now in my state I could not bring myself to  see my helpless child laid there. I didn’t think I could handle seeing  her. Therefore, I began asking Danny questions. “Is she bleeding  anywhere?” Turning to me Danny said, “Only from her  nose.” As I went back to scream crying a few moments passed before I  asked, “What’s going on?” Standing up and  facing me, Danny replied, “She has a broken leg.” Not knowing that the  bone she broke people actually do die from it, I then thought, well  people live with broken legs all the time. She’ll just be in a cast for  about 6 months that is good. It felt like forever before the ambulance arrived. Traffic  was backed up for miles! She was airlifted to Tallahassee Memorial  Hospital. Upon our arrival we wondered would she still be alive or did  the spirit leave her. A parent’s worst nightmare is to sit in a trauma  E.R. room. So there we sat! We prayed earnestly that she should still be  alive. Time seemed to have come to an abrupt standstill. The minutes  passed by so slowly. I prayed for strength and endurance. It was like  sitting on the edge of a seat. At any moment, we will know either way.  Could I endure to hear Yahuwah took her home? Oh the thoughts that went  through my mind. It felt like forever before that knock came. With my  heart pounding, stomach to the floor and with a deep breath I sunk back  in the chair. “Your daughter has multiple injuries.” the  doctor said. We then explained to the doctor about my health and how we  needed to take this slowly. Explain one injury at a time. After each  injury we talked in-depth about the issue at hand. First the doctor told  us she has a fractured skull with bruising.

Working his way down, he explained that her neck was fractured. From there,  three broken bones in her back and her right femur split in two. He went  on to tell us that she had lost one and half liters of blood just from  the femur break. After a while, the doctor then explained to us how her  spleen, liver and kidney were all lacerated. Once he started talking  about the organs, I quickly had to go to the bathroom. As soon as I  realized Felicia had indeed been hit by a truck, every thirty minutes I  had to go the bathroom. After a few moments, he continued to explain  that she may lose her spleen. If that was not bad enough part of her  kidney might be lost also. Urine was going into her body while blood  filled her stomach. “Now she may need more blood!” He said. As it turned  out, she had already had a blood transfusion before we got there. If  she would not have received the blood she would have died. As we later  learned, Felicia did need to be resuscitated twice. When we were done speaking, the  doctor looked at each of us and said, “Hope for the best and expect the  worst.” I wondered how many times that doctor had to say that. Wow, how  devastating it is to receive those words. Nevertheless, we trusted in  Yahuwah and not in man. All of us still felt like we were in some  terrible dream. As we sat in the Neuro ICU waiting room, at times there  was complete silence. Then we shared times of grief. While most of the  time we spent praying. There were quite a few members of the hospital  staff talking with us. The hospital security taped off an area for us to  park our camper on the hospital parking lot. This was a huge blessing  for us. Since we did not have a vehicle, living on the hospital parking  lot was very convenient for us. This also brought some normal see in  this horrible ordeal. We were shown great favor from the hospital staff.  While waiting to see Felicia, I felt  compelled to have a few members of the Body pray for her. I managed to  write a short request up and then send out about twenty or thirty  emails. As I closed the lap top, those few emails began to travel at  lightning speed through cyber-space. Needless to say, I had no knowledge  that something supernatural was occurring. When those emails reached  their destination, the power of the Rauch Ha Qodesh came upon those  believers. Every one of them was moved with great compassion along with  sudden grief. Each of these faithful prayer warriors began to earnestly  pray for this child of Yahuwah! As they prayed, they forwarded the email  on to other trustworthy prayer partners. Before too long, the news of  this tragic accident was heard in the top portion of the United States,  down to the bottom, from coast to coast and everywhere in between. When  the United States could no longer contain it, the urgent prayer request  broke forth to the ends of the world. Yes, prayers were going up for  Felicia on a global scale. I think an entire  day maybe two days passed, before I opened up the computer. When I did  open up the email account, to my surprise emails were just flowing in. I  was amazed and overtaken with tears. Truly, we are unworthy.  Nevertheless step back beloved ones, be of good cheer for the Body of  Mashiach moved this mountain! I speak a truth this is very hard for me  to write as even to this day I am in great awe and moved by these  prayers and words. As a writer, even I am at lost for words! Yet I speak  a truth, this is far bigger than we all could have imagined. Let us  behold the power of Yahuwah! He got the esteem in this entire matter!  HalleluYah, praise Him. As I begin to read the warm emails, I felt  comfort and shalom. My eyes filled with tears as I read through them.  Due to the large amount of inspiring words everyone sent us, there are  too many to post in this article but are posted over in the right column  of this page. The more we read the more we praised Yahuwah. We didn’t care that we were right there in the waiting room! People saw and people heard. HalleluYah! We prayed for the entire Body of Mashiach. Everyone that prayed for her, we asked Yahuwah to allow the mustard seeds of faith to grow. We now saw that this was much b-i-g-g-e-r than a tragic accident. Yahuwah was working and moving His Rauch within His people! The Body of Mashiach  was indeed coming together! Oh HalleluYah…rejoice with us! His Mighty  Hand is not to short even as we enter into these last days. As we enter  into the “Beginning of Sorrows” now more than ever the Called Out Ones need each other! Yahuwah the Mighty One of Yisra’el healed this maiden. Yahuwah  received all praise in this miracle. The nurses, the doctors, hospital  staff and even bystanders all beheld the power of Yahuwah! Other patient’s family members were even  touched by this situation.  Two Christian sisters explained how they  have never seen Christian’s act like us before. They witnessed the love  we have towards others and thus were moved. One nurse even looked into  our faith. While other nurses, staff members and patient visitors  watched “Who is likened unto Yahuwah!”  Many were moved by over whelming emotions. As the days passed many  people asked us to pray for them and their family. One family in  particular really was on our hearts. The day Felicia was moved out of  the Neruo ICU and put in other room a woman took her room. We learned  that here this woman was a horse trainer. She and her daughter were just  going to take a ten minute nature ride. No sooner than she got on the  horse, something scared the horse and it took off. Not holding on, the  woman fell backwards off the horse. She landed on her head and thus  suffered seven skull fractures. We felt what this family was going  through as ten short days earlier there Felicia laid. We spent some time  with this family helping out any way we could. They actually felt  blessed just to be in the same room Felicia used to be in. Brothers and Sisters, Yahuwah  had His hand in this from the beginning. Before He formed her, He  already knew that the day was coming when she would be hit by a truck.  He knew this tragic event would touch several people’s lives including  yours! Radio stations, congregations, prayer ministries, home based  fellowships, entire families along with single brothers and sisters  worldwide, would be praying for Felicia. He knew the message would go  forth asking for prayer. He also knew there remains a trustworthy  remnant that would seek HIM on this matter. No doctor was going to get  the esteem in this but the Mighty One of Yisra’el, Yahuwah  was. From one end of the earth to the other, thousands of His people  prayed to HIM asking for a complete recovery for dear Felicia!  HalleluYah! His hand was in this from the beginning. A State Trooper drove us to the hospital. I  sat in the front seat he and I spoke a few words. He was an older  southern man with a slow accent. The more we talked we began sharing our  faith. I don’t recall his denomination. He explained to me how he has  seen many accidents in his day. We talked some about that. He then said,  “While I was walking through the accident scene, the Almighty told me,  “This one is going to be fine!” “HalleluYah” I shouted. “You know, you’re a  second witness to what I’ve been feeling! I think she will just have  the problem with the broken leg and hip area. I received that with joy  and thanksgiving. From the beginning a super natural event  was being unfolded before our eyes.We heard the hit. Saw her thrown in  the air. Danny and the boys saw her land. She landed on her head hitting  the concrete. Brother and Sister’s, the bone she broke in her neck is  surrounded by the nerves that control the movements of the arms and  legs. Yet, by Yahuwah’s great mercy she is not paralyzed.  The fracture location in the skull is right by the brain stem. This  injury along can be very tragic even death can follow. Again, we cannot  praise Yahuwah enough for this  Mighty Work He did. We are extremely thankful! He also heard your  prayers! And we thank you for praying for our daughter! We pray this will encourage each of you  while strengthening your faith. Some websites posted the tragic event  asking their viewers to join in prayer and financial help with us. We  just cried tears hearing the wonderful songs made for her. The poems  that one sister sent us was very powerful thank you so much. All the  heartwarming cards, the encouraging phone call’s we truly thank each of  you! Current update, Felicia went on July 6th  to get x-rays done. The one tech asked what happened. So Felicia  explained to her about the accident. Felicia told her how the cervical  fracture was on the right side. The tech leaned over and whispered into  the other tech’s ear, “She told the fracture was on this side but it  looks perfect! In six short weeks they said, “It looks perfect!”  HalleluYah!

The  emails that were sent out along with updates:
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 -Updated Posted Nov. 20, 2011-
Speaking of miracles, brothers and sisters, do we not serve THE MIGHTY ONE? Now  I’m not talking about some pagan made up false deity like Baal-Gad. Or even some crazy far fetch mythology god like Athena,  Diana, Jupiter or Zeus. These fakes are about as good as some carved  wood, silver or gold looking thing. Now when I say THE MIGHTY ONE… I’m  talking about The MIGHTY ONE OF YISRAEL, YAHUWAH!

The tragic accident of May 17th not only brought His people together but He was greatly esteemed in the eyes of many non believers. Thousands were able to set their difference to the side to lift up this young maiden. Entire congregations, groups, radio stations, families, brothers and sisters prayed and fasted for  Felicia. Some wrote songs while others were right there in spirit with  us. HalleluYah! Praise Yahuwah to all the called out ones! We are very pleased to announce and inform  each of you that Felicia is doing well. She does suffer everyday with the consequences from her injuries. We are astonished over Yahuwah’s Mighty Work He has done in our lives. There is not a day that goes by that we thank Yahuwah for doing this miracle for Felicia and all of us Called Out Ones.
Felicia was losing massive amounts of hair from all the radiation she received  at the hospital. She had multiply CT scans which was equivalent to hundreds of x-rays. We  were able to get some good radiation detox from This drastically reduced the hair falling out almost immediately. To  those of you who suffer with pain, we speak a truth, helichrysum oil  really helped! If you are interested in getting some of this oil you can through
Now we are not endorsing any product or even the website, just sharing what helped her. Talk to your health care provider being trying any herbs  and oils.
While on The Imposter tour, we met a brother who specializes in chiropractor. This Brother  examined Felicia. What he found was unbelievable. Despite all the CT  scans, physical therapy and even asking doctors why her left hip swayed  while walking none of them knew the answer. All they could tell us is  that her muscle was weak. That was so far from the truth. Yahuwah used this brother to not only find the problem but he was able to fix it. HalleluYah! Here Felicia’s left hip was locked in place. We deeply thank Yahuwah for blessing this brother’s hands to fix her hip. Years down the road  she could of have some major issues. He did some other things to her  that really helped. We thank you brother.
Felicia still suffers with ringing in the ears and also feeling off balance  some, amongst many other issues. She is very much still an active player in the F.O.Y. ministry.  During the winter months she will be working with a few translators. How wonderful and blessed it is to see her doing so much work for Yahuwah! Translating the F.O.Y. books, tracts and movies into another language will be a huge task both for her and the translators. Give a shout of praise to Yahuwah! HalleluYah!

Again we here at the F.O.Y. ministry deeply thank all of you for your ongoing prayers for Sister  Felicia and for this humble ministry. By the next newsletter we should  have a full report on her condition. She does have a few final doctor  appointments and then hopefully no more.

Update Posted May 3, 2012
Hard to believe that a year ago this month, Sister Felicia was in a tragic accident! We here at the F.O.Y. ministry are still praising and giving shouts of HalleluYah out to the Mighty One of Yisra’el, Yahuwah! There has not been one day that has gone by that we have forgotten what He did for us! We are still amazed.  We also deeply thank each of you that prayed and helped us during that most difficult time.
May 19, 2011
May 1st, 2012

Sister Felicia is doing well. This young maiden has truly dedicated her life in spreading the Besorah. This ministry work is not a part time or even full time job but is actually a way of life. The accident has not hindered her hours of dedication. Right now she has been working with many translators. Just prior to this newsletter she helped in our recent movie called, “Temple Builders!” She will also be assisting on our upcoming full length movie expected in time for Tabernacles 2012!

Despite some lasting long term consequences of being hit at that great speed, Sister Felicia’s overall health is OK. She still suffers with headaches, tinnitus, low blood pressure, muscle weakness, hot/cold urticaria, daily neck, joint and back pain and short term memory loss amongst many other issues. Her overall outlook is positive! She says she will not complain as matters could be worst! People first don’t survive being hit at 65 M.P.H., thrown 50 feet in the air landing on their head on a concrete culvert. Secondly, she could have been paralyzed. From all the skull fractures she could have also been brain dead. She did undergo major TBI (traumatic brain injury). And she does have health issues due to that. Many doctors, nurses and especially the specialists have all been amazed at her recovery! HalleluYah! She is alive and functioning!
Yet despite these several issues she still continues to dedicate her time to laying down her life daily to further the coming Kingdom! We speak of these matters to let you all know that don’t let anything hold you back from doing what Yahuwah will’s in your life!
Brothers and Sisters, rejoice with us! As Yahuwah truly is a miracle worker. We are just so thankful for everything Yahuwah has and will continue to do for each of us that love HIM and obey HIM! We might not get a quick healing like sister Felicia was blessed with, nevertheless, your blessing could come tomorrow! Don’t quit believing!
July 14, 2013

 After a long winter in Southeastern Michigan it was time to continue with the tour!

  First, we want to thank everyone for keeping Sister Linda in your prayers. Last winter when she went into the hospital was a big scare for us all. Many Medical Tests and examinations led to the discovery that Sister Linda was suffering from the onset of Celiac Disease as of May 17th, 2011. Ever since the family witnessed Felicia’s accident of being struck by a 70mph dodge ram truck resulted in devastating effects on the family. When that truck hit Felicia, it hit the entire household. With the 2 year anniversary coming up (May 17th) since the accident occurred we also would like to thank everyone for their prayers for our Family when we needed them the most. Please continue to keep our family (especially Sister Linda and Felicia) and our humble Ministry in your prayers.

  If anyone out there also has Celiac Disease, Sister Linda would greatly appreciate an email or message of encouragement ( Celiac Disease is a deadly disease. Because of the seriousness of that the risks of wheat and gluten are with Sister Linda’s situation, the entire household has gone gluten free since late fall. Which means if you ever come to one of our showings, you will have a Gluten Free meal waiting for you. From the damaging effects Gluten has done to Sister Linda’s digestive system and intestines, the last year has been very hard for her. She was having an extremely hard time maintaining her weight (yet alone keeping the weight) and absorbing the nutrients she consumed. After a drastic weight-loss, thankfully, within the last couple months she is gaining the weight back! HalleluYAH! Isn’t this wonderful?!? The next step to recovery for Sister Linda is to regain her strength, continue to gain weight, the ceasing of her frequent abdominal pain and be healthy again! Please keep Yahuwah’s beautiful daughter in your prayers for her full complete 100% health and recovery.

As for Sister Felicia. For those of you who would like an update. She is still recovering with what the Doctors say to be ‘permanent’ health problems that may worsen; multiple daily seizures, daily chronic pain, numerous headaches, short-term memory loss, partial loss of taste and smell, excessive hair loss and ringing in the ear, are just to name a few of the many problems she has to suffer with each day. Also, since Sister Felicia had internal hemorrhaging, along with a severe traumatic brain injury from the accident in May 2011, she is dealing with Perimenapausal symptoms.

  These two women of YAH won’t let poor health get in the way with YAHUWAH’s Ministry. Still, today, day by day, everyday and many days, ALL day… they continue to do this work. Linda and Felicia will not let HaShatan get the best of them. Despite all they have gone through… they are never ending Temple Builders! Are You?

  Our next stop was in Chesterfield, Michigan. Since it was such a long drive from our cozy winter cottage; the whole crew was unable to make the trip. Brother Danny and Sister Felicia went, leaving behind weak Sister Linda, Daniel (the photographer) and Michael home.
Since we do all the producing for our materials, with the upcoming Summer and showing in Chesterfield we had to stock up for the upcoming season. Which means, burning, labeling and printing. Michael and Daniel did a great job helping.

We need 500 DVDs burned? No problem. I’ll just pop 4 DVDs in at a time and the job will be done in no time!

 We can’t forget the many hours Daniel spent printing each individual DVD.

Placing the DVD onto the specially designed printer tray.

Press Ok.

Wait 2-3 minutes to print and out comes a freshly printed DVD. Wait a few seconds for it to dry and then its ready for the next step.

After all the time consuming work of printing onto and burning DVDs, placing them in their cases, printing the labels to slide into the case, they are finally ready for storage to distribute..

  Sister Linda made the dinner, with the help with Brother Danny! Gluten Free Spaghetti Casserole. She is such a super great cook!

Sister Linda stirring the hamburger with chopped onions.

Checking on the pasta noodles cooking.


Brother Danny stirring the ground beef while Sister Linda adds the spices.


 The pasta noodles are ready.

Time to add the Spaghetti sauce!

So good you can’t tell it’s Gluten Free!
Now I know you want to grab a bite through your screen.

Meanwhile, Michael was
making the sign for the showing!

Michael did a great job!

  When we got to the Inn is was a race against the clock. We would have taken more pictures but it took an extra hour or so to get there because of the traffic in downtown Detroit, Michigan. With only 45 minutes to setup we did the best we could

  First, we want to thank Brother Jessie who found the place for us to rent, passed out 2,000 fliers with some friends in Detroit and its surrounding cities. This would not have been possible without Brother Jessie’s help.


The room for the showing after Danny and Brother Jessie finished setting up.

Assembling the sign to place out in the hall.


With only seconds to spare, we were able to get everything setup just as we heard some of the guests walking down the hall.

Here are some views of our FREE table:

Happy New Year!

The Ten Commandment plaque, a gift given to us from a dear family we met during the Wichita Kansas, showing in Fall 2011.


All of our DVDs were there. The Imposter, The Great Conspiracy, The False Armageddon and The Temple Builders. Have you ordered your free package today? If not do so now!


Brother Danny introducing himself, giving a short introduction, and announcing dinner.


Sister Felicia presenting a short F.Y.I. of WHO we are, WHAT we do and WHY.

 This was the first showing all believers show up. Even though only close to 15 people attended this showing, we were not discouraged! Everyone was able to connect and fellowship. They had a great time! What was expected to be a public free dinner and movie (The Imposter) showing ended up being a blessing. Instead, since everyone already saw The Imposter numerous times we all watched The Temple Builders. We at the F.O.Y. Ministry want to thank everyone who drove out to Chesterfield, Michigan to meet us! It was such a blessing to receive your words of encouragement and support in knowing our work is appreciated by the thousands of believers worldwide. The small kind words everyone has given us over the years encourages us to continue this work.

(we wanted to take pictures of the others who attended but didn’t get to because they left before we remembered to take a photo.)

January 9, 2015

Coming Shortly

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