The Imposter Tour #32 : Hudson Flea Market -Surfside Beach, South Carolina



We were still at the Pirate Family Resort Campground. Sister Felicia and Sister Linda decided to wear matching outfits today! White, Yellow, Blue & Green.

At our spot in the flea market.


Looking left…


And Looking right…

You didn’t quite see anything like our spot setup.

Just in case you missed us, to give you an idea… you’d see our smiling faces standing there waiting to give you some of our free materials.
Here’s a picture.img_5326bSister Felicia, Sister Linda and Brother Danny

Sister Felicia, Sister Linda and Brother Daniel had their shift

img_5330Sister Felicia and Brother Daniel took shift.

img_5331Later in the day, a fellow Sister in Messiah came to visit us. We had great fellowship time and blessed her with materials to minister to her.

We had an amazing experience here at Surfside Beach. Meeting a follower of our Ministry and even being acquainted with a Sister in Messiah! She was working at a food booth. Brother Daniel really loves Taco Salads and he was asking for a Gluten Free Taco Salad. He ordered one for lunch and since he enjoyed it so much Sister Linda recommended he ordered one for him and Brother Danny for Dinner when we were packing up to close. The woman brought the order to our booth and Sister Felicia noticed she had TzitTzit on her belt. We asked her about it she also was a Follower of Yahushua! Wow! What a coincidence. She told us she has a assembly they gather at. We packed her a bag of a few of all the materials we had there with us to share with the Assembly she was with. How awesome! It’s not everyday you bump into a fellow member of the Body of Messiah, Yahushua who follows YAH’s Laws, Feast Days and Shabbat! HalleluYAH! We were so excited. We had other plans and had to leave that next morning so we missed meeting her Assembly she attends. You never know, maybe next time on our way through we will!

Until next time, be on the lookout for updates of where we are heading next!


Where’s our next stop? If YAH Wills it we would like to head onto the West USA after Sukkot this year. So if you are in the CA, NV, UT, AZ, NM, CO area and have a warm winter without all the snow and freezing temperature, let us know. Like we mentioned above, If YAH wills it WE-WILL-BE-THERE!

If we won’t be in West USA then we will be in the Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky area instead. Whatever is YAH’s Will.


The Imposter Tour #31: Everything Under The Sun Flea Market – North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


Everything under the sun is what this flea market claimed to have. This was a fairly good size indoor flea market. We had a good turnout and as we do at every stop, we had a lot of fun! Sorry for the delay in posting. So much has been going on since we were there. Better late then never, they say.


Brother Danny and Sister Linda just before getting into the car to head off to the Flea Market. We stayed at the beautiful Pirate Land Camping Resort. The views were breathtaking! The soothing ocean waves crashing onto the sandy beach. While we were there a strong thunderstorm came though. Praise YAH it wasn’t too bad. Just heavy downpour, strong winds and lots of thunder and lightning. The canal on the side of the campground really over flooded so was rushing quickly into the ocean. We took a walk down to the beach to see the view and put our feet into the water.

donotswimSince we had that storm the night before this particular sign especially caught our attention…


High bacteria levels may be present at this location, especially in days following rain due to storm water runoff.
within 200 feet in each direction of this swash/stormwater outfall.

Wading, fishing, and shell collecting to not present a risk.

Of course, the only in site view anyone can see of this sign up and down the entire beach is when you are on your way off the beach. The signs are not facing you as you ENTER, but as you LEAVE the beach. So yeah, give us the warning NOT to swim in the beach when we are finished swimming in the beach. That sure is smart, right? Thankfully we didn’t swim in the water, it was too cold. But we did put our feet in it and let our dogs play on the dog friendly beach.



Running they did! The dogs love playing ball on the beach!

Rest assured, that warning sign we read on our way BACK from the beach sure got our attention. When we got back to our campsite we definitely had to look up about this “High Bacteria Levels” that the sign was talking about.

Needless to say, the bacteria levels were worse than the sign appeared them to be. All of the Myrtle Beaches were on a “No Swim” advisory. It did not necessary mean beach goers were not allowed to swim, but it wasn’t a good idea. The waters were contaminated with fecal mater. Swimmers were getting infections in their eyes from water getting in the eyes. Various swimmers of close to 100 were reported sick from the water before summer had even arrived! Myrtle Beach depends on its tourists to survive. They surely wouldn’t tell everyone they can’t go on the beaches.

So now the moment you have been waiting for. Here is our tour stop in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

img_5296Brother Danny and Brother Daniel -Tacking the banner up above our booth.

Brother Danny and Sister Linda making sure the books and tracts are setup neatly. If you would like to see which ones we have available you can check out our newly designed free store at the FOY Shop!

All setup. Brother Danny and Sister Linda in front of our booth. Who wants the first shift?

Looks like the ladies want to take the first shift. Sister Linda and Sister Felicia are admiring our newest book, “Becoming the Best Team Players We Were Designed to Be!” This is a great book and a must read for all of the Body of Messiah!

About the Book: There are many teams in this world. However, only one is the most important. In this book (“Being the best Team Players We Were Designed to be!”), team players will learn strategic methods on how our team can achieve higher goals than the worldly teams. Following a few simply standards, team players can become mountain movers, seed sowers, faith builders, encouragers and so much more! This new book will take our mediocre team to a GREAT Team! Team players will learn what talents and gifts they specialize in. Knowing this, is the key in unlocking greatness for our team.

READ the Teaching Online


ORDER the soft cover book


img_5311Next it was the guy’s turn to take shift and let the ladies browse around. Brother Daniel and Brother Danny.

We really enjoyed this tour stop as we enjoy them all. Maybe next time we’ll see you?







The Imposter Tour #30: St. Augustine, FL Fleamarket Revisited


    Here we are back in St. Augustine, Florida. Funny how time flies. We didn’t realize this was our second time at this feamarket until we pulled into it and saw the sign at the entrance.

We did not do any sightseeing or tourist stuff this time like we did in 2013 when we were here last. If you want to see the fun historical stuff we did during our last visit you can go here: St. Augustine 2013 Tour Stop #15. Of course, last time we were here it was cold in the 30s. Which also meant that there wasn’t as many attendees to the Fleamarket. This time we had beautiful weather, clear blue skies and crowded Fleamarket attendees! (Please Note: the picture of the entrance sign was taken in 2013 during our last visit. As you can tell, the sky was cloudy then)



Here is a picture from our last visit in 2013, Sister Linda in her winter coat, Brother Michael in the cowboy hat and Sister Felicia in a sweatshirt and jacket. As you can see, we were bundled up in the cold in our outdoor booth.



We weren’t like that this time. The sun was shining and it was about 80 degrees outside. The weather was awesome and it was a beautiful day! We had a busier location this time indoors. Since it was indoors we were sheltered from the sweaty heat.


We had a double area for our booth. There was a 10ft wide entrance plus we even had a window. We put the banner under the window. Through the window you can see Sister Linda and Brother Danny setting up.

Here is are a couple close-up views of our tables.IMG_5222
We were able to purchase a printer. This is not the laser ink printers that we go through every three months due to all the printing the ministry does. Oh no, this printer is an office Xerox printer! This will enable quicker printing of our all materials. We can now even print on both sides of a single sheet of paper at the same time. How wonderful is that? Praise Yahuwah! As He truly knows all the work that we do just in maintaining this ministry. So now at our tour stops we are able to have our 5 DVDS, 25 tracts and 15 books! This is so exciting and we are so happy to have all our materials to offer during our tour! If you are interested in browsing through all our materials we have you can visit our newly created free shop that conveniently has all our of free materials in one location, Books, Tracts, DVDs, Music, Activities, E-Books, Soft Cover Books & Scriptures! Followers of Yah Free Store Click Here.

We are also blessed that we were also able to print and freely distribute Brother Earl B. Allen’s book, “Publish the Name of Yahuwah!” We only have limited supplies since the toner ink is so costly. We’ve had Brother’s B. Earl Allen’s book on our website to freely read Online for quite some time now. However, now we will be able to print some copies to have on hand to use as a street witnessing tool. This book is highly recommended. It can be found in our newly designed free store as an E-Book and Soft Cover Book!IMG_5223

Brother Danny and Sister Linda standing behind the table holding The Imposter book and The Imposter DVD. We are still amazed at how the popularity of ‘The Imposter’ is still going strong. Never did we imagine when this book was written in 2008 that it would have such a huge impact in the world. In 2009 we produced it into a movie and again, Praise Yahuwah, never did we imagine it would be such a sought-after movie! After all these years we have received thousands and thousands of requests for our movie, The Imposter. What is so great about ‘The Imposter’? Read Online, Download the E-Book, Request your free soft cover book or DVD today!

IMG_5226Brother Danny and Sister Linda and another view of the tables.

The other side of our table setup. Sister Felicia on the far left and Sister Linda and Brother Danny on the far right.

Sister Felicia and Sister Linda, our miracle women. Next month will be five years since Sister Felicia survived her horrific truck accident. February this year was four years since Sister Linda was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, a horrible disease that almost left her for dead. Sister Felicia and Sister Linda are holding our book and DVD, ‘They Have Despised My Name”. This is another one of our popular teachings. We have had fantastic reviews and an innumerable amount of converts to stop using the Pagan titles of God and Lord, the Greek Jesus and turn to the Father and Son’s Name! HalleluYAH! Yahuwah’s People are calling upon His Sacred Hebrew Name, repenting from the cover-up Greek name, Jesus. Yahuwah and Yahushua’s Names are being esteemed and brought out of the darkness and into the light for all of the world to know! If you are interested in seeing this teaching you can Read it Online, Download the E-Book, Request your free soft cover book or DVD today.

Here are some beautiful scenic pictures of the beach near our campground we stayed at while we were here near St. Augustine, Florida.
Beautiful rainbow on the beach.

Pelican flying in view of the beautiful cotton clouds and a sailboat gliding across the waves.
IMG_5276 IMG_5281
Beautiful waves along the sandy beach. We enjoyed the beach and collected a bucketful of shells and even an orange and purple Royal Starfish like this one here,

27 Cities, 30 stops and still counting! What’s next? Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, here we come!