The Imposter Tour #7: Adel, Iowa

  We didn’t want to leave the beautiful town of Warsaw, Missouri. We made friends and were at a beautiful spot (pictured left).

  The owner of the home we rented for the winter cried because he loved our family so much, especially Michael and Daniel. He was like a grandpa to them. They would spend all day having wonderful fishing trips on the three surrounding ponds on the property. A couple times they even brought over 30 fish in from a half day of fishing!

Daniel, Danny, land owner & Michael’s
result of a fun day of their own fish tournament!
Another fishing trip, the bass
are lined up and ready to be
prepped for dinner!

Michael caught a huge whopping large mouth bass!


  Winter had passed and the warm air rolled in. As you saw in our last post, We did a showing in May at Warsaw, Missouri. It was time to move on, we had places to go and people to see. Our next stop was in Adel, Iowa.
Adel City Paper

  We started the necessary planning to do a showing at the community room in the local Library. We passed out almost 2,000 fliers on the door-step of every residential home in Adel along with its neighboring cities. We also posted fliers in every business, restaurant and gas station in town; not to mentioned we advertised in the county newspaper. There was a very small city paper that told us someone sent in the ad for our showing to be included. The city paper informed us of the anonymous person who said, “this ad must be in the paper”. It wasn’t any of us, someone sure thought ‘The Imposter’ movie was important. And this message is extremely important!

Newspaper Ad
Family picture

  A brother who has a t-shirt Ministry contacted us asking if we wanted some free t-shirts. We were so excited to get the shirts. It took six to twelve weeks to get them and the shirts came just in time. We were blessed to wear them when we were passing out the fliers in Adel and in the surrounding cities.

Michael passing out fliers
Daniel passing out fliers

Brother Danny handing fliers
to some people doing yard work

Despite Sister Linda’s health she helped do some too!
Sister Felicia passed out a couple of fliers also.
Daniel giving a flier to a woman on her porch
Up to a seven hundred and still counting! Good Job Michael!

Brother Danny, do you think we can do one thousand?

Way-to-go Daniel! Today we were able to
pass out the one thousandth flier!

OK! OK! Ehem* We passed out at least
1500 fliers in Adel & its surrounding cities

To keep track of ALL the residences in Adel we marked the streets on google earth

Yep, Adel had A LOT of homes!
But we did all of them AND MORE!

Just in time for the new showing, F.O.Y. Productions released the new movie available as DVD, ‘The Temple Builders’. You can request your own copy, watch it on youtube, or download onto your computer (to download onto your computer right click here, then click “save target”.

Time to Set Up!

The Community Room could hold up to 50 people. We eagerly set up everything, come see what we all did!

Brother Danny set up the
display table and set up the free DVDs.

Felicia drew up the sign to put outside.

Daniel laid out the candy and mints.

Michael took out the mini brownie bites.
Oh they were so good!

Sister Linda set out the cups and cookies.

And Michael helped bring out the fruit cocktail.

Danny sliced the tomatoes.
While Michael, Danny and Linda were prepping
the dinner, Felicia finished drawing the sign.
The signs were done and outside. We were ready!

Meanwhile in the Community Room Michael
was finishing up with the sub sandwiches.


Daniel and Sister Linda making the
finishing touches. Can we have a smile?
All done! Now we just wait.
How much longer do we have to wait?
(Molly our Shih Tzu)

We waited and waited; can you guess how many showed up? We had an awesome turnout in Adel. Passing out all those fliers really paid off! Thirty-five came for free sub sandwiches, DVDs and a movie! The line was so long after 20 minutes people were still in line! We would have taken more pictures of the food line, but to be respectful, we gave everyone their privacy.

Brother Danny introducing himself…

 And Felicia giving her wonderful testimony.

Quite a full people hung around after the showing to hear more about this wonderful journey that Yahuwah has us on. Many were blessed to hear Sister Felicia’s miraculous healings.

Our next stop! The Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania area!

 If you are in any of these areas please send us an email to
and ask us to come to your area for a tour stop!

“When I was hungry, you gave Me food to eat.”

Despite the rough roads it has overall been a great tour so far. Meeting new people from all different ethnic groups. The people that come into these campgrounds we stay at are from all over! Staying at active crowded campgrounds is really beneficial in this tour. It is so rewarding when we get to see someone pull up or walk up to the front of our RV site and ask, “These are free?” With our response of “Yes! Please take one of each!” they eagerly reach into the tote full of DVDs, thanking us and leave.
Our white truck on the left, next to the *FREE DVD* sign. We actually had a tote full of DVDs sitting near the sign, but it was late and rainy.

We have met and came across so many different kinds of people. Rich and poor, small and large. One large family we met gave us the idea to have a big chili dinner!

  And so we did! We threw together red beans, chili beans, kidney beans, tomato sauce, chili powder, cayenne powder, ground beef with onions, diced tomatoes and cooked elbow macaroni. Sister Felicia baked 50 cupcakes. Sister Linda and Felicia iced/decorated them together. We shared the BIG chili dinner with several in the campground for dinner that night. Everyone greatly enjoyed it! It was a wonderful blessing for us to be able to share the abundant food Yahuwah has blessed us with. So many go without. One family we shared this dinner with (a widow with her two sons and daughter) only had chips and pop in their damp tent to eat. These people were homeless, living in their tent and they were still there when we left. They were so happy for the hot chili, crackers & cupcakes on that cold rainy day.  HalleluYAH! They were not the only ones homeless. Many people live in tents at campgrounds, we are seeing more and more of this.

  We share our experiences with you not to brag or boast, but to give you ideas of what us Temple Builders should be doing. If we can do this, you can to! Why not gather your spouse, your children, and go on a camping trip for the weekend? You can set up a sign, bring some witnessing materials, bring extra food and witness to those who would not normally hear the Besorah of Yahushua. NOW is the time to PROCLAIM, to WARN and to BUILD!

The Imposter Tour #4 & #5 takes Kansas by surprise!

  After spending close to three months in Tallahassee Florida due to the May 17thaccident the F.O.Y. ministry was eager to be back on the road. Within our time in Florida we managed to sow lots of seeds. We won’t forget the people Yahuwah brought into our lives. One day while at the Ford plant the mechanic knew all about Felicia’s accident. He was so happy for us. We had no clue how he found out. Since we’ve been to Ford quite a few times, this mechanic noticed the “Imposter” bumper sticker (if you would like one let us know).  That bumper sticker grabbed his attention. After spending some time on the website he was very interested in receiving some material. Praise Yahuwah!
  On the 3rd day of the pagan month of August, the F.O.Y.ministry said goodbye to Tallahassee Florida. We were back on the road again and all of us were alive and together! What a blessing, Thank you Yahuwah! We were on route to the West Coast when surprisingly our plans were about to change. Because of the many flooded roads in the state of Missouri, we encountered some detours. When pulling a heavy camper with a truck weight down to the max, every little bump in the road is magnified times ten. At about every eight feet or so there is a buh-bump, buh-bump! If we calculate hitting those buh-bump’s at a rate of 55 to 65 miles per hour for hundreds of miles for days, hmmm that would give us, let’s see, yep, we would end up with one churned tummy!  Even a healthy person would feel woozy considering the situation. Now take a person suffering with stomach ulcers, it would be torturous. That is exactly what it was. The pain was excruciating.  The only food I could get down was handfuls of crackers. Pulled off the side of some road in Kansas, smack dap in the middle of nowhere… we sat! Yep this was it. I was coming to the end of my journey, I thought. My once bleeding ulcers that were actually about healed reopened shortly thereafter the May 17th accident. Ten long painful months on the road to recovering just vanished.  
  The stress of witnessing my child getting hit by a truck, this frail body, even under the strongest spiritual faith, caved in. The flesh is weak but the spirit is willing. At this moment, all I could do is thank Yahuwah for allowing me to see my daughter live another day. I, like everyone else, is in HIS hands. I personally could not go on! One more buh-bump could be the last.
  By Yahuwah’s great mercy we went a few more miles and pulled into the tiny town of Hiawatha Kansas.

Instantly we could see a more laid back, quiet atmosphere unlike that of Tallahassee Florida. The days that soon followed revealed that Yahuwah actually wanted us there.

  We found favor in the eyes of this town. Right down the street of the practically empty camp ground was a congregation that keeps the Seventh Day Sabbath. Even though the group had not yet accepted the Qodesh Names, nor embraced the Feast Days, but they did eat kosher and kept none of the pagan holidays. After hearing about our journey, they were on board for taking the Imposter to Hiawatha. 

  With the building rented, all we needed to do was advertise. Like with other showings, we advertised in the local newspaper.

We also spent days passing out close to a thousand of fliers to local business and homeowners. 


For this showing we went a little further by paying for airtime to advertise on local radio stations. 

  Praise Yahuwah as the Hiawatha showing was a complete success. Quite a few were greatly blessed. 

Our sign outside the building

The Parking Lot

Setting up the display Tables

Now for the FREE STUFF!

…And now for the finishing touches…

Sorry for the low quality images.
The batteries died on our camera and
we had to use the backup.

Cooking the Spaghetti Dinner
and toasting the garlic bread.

Both Sister Linda and Sister Felicia do a great job of serving, It had only been a little over 3 months since the accident of May 17th. Sister Linda was very sick with bleeding ulcers. Sister Felicia, still healing from being struck by a truck. Both of these women have super serving hearts.

Setting up the dinner serving tables.

It’s time to eat! Come and get it!

The Christian preacher that attended was greatly moved. He took several copies to share with his small flock. HalleluYah!

  Brothers and sister, you might be wondering why we would go to the extreme to get this message out there. We’ve gone without and we have  put our lives on the line to Blow the Ram’s horns in these end days. This earth age is fast approaching the seventh trumpet. Once blown we will instantly changed from this corruptible body to a non corruptible body spending eternity with our Bridegroom, Yahushua! Therefore, now we must do everything we can do to share the Besorah to the ends of the world.  

  Let it be noted here that Yahuwah revealed in a night vision that the message found within the Imposter DVD must go forth! The night vision showed that the majority of people will not be able to tell the difference between the Imposterand Yahushua. When asked, “How shall the people know the difference?”

  The response that followed was, “The only way to tell the difference is to read My Word.” Sadness then followed because, “Most people don’t read your word.”

   “That is why the movie must be seen.” The night vision was then over.

  We all know that it is not Yahuwah’s desire to see any perish. Those that are not of the flock right now still need to hear the message of the coming strong delusion. It is not up to us to decide what brand of religion the person is currently in if they will hear or not. Our job is to sow the seeds!
  Let us not forget how the parable of the wedding feast tells us to, “Go into the Street corners, and as many as you find, invite to the wedding feast (Matt. 22:2-14).The Impostershowings are reaching a whole new audience of people. These people are just coming in off the streets. The signs read “FREE DINNER and MOVIE” and that drawls them in. Their facial expression says it all. They are amazed. When they leave, they are not only physically feed but more importantly spiritually filled. This is fantastic!  Most of these sincere folks are finally hearing the truth. I am reminded, “And after this it shall be that I pour out My Spirit on all flesh.” (Joel 2:28). True revival is occurring right now! The Lost Sheep are waking up to embrace the Instructions (Torah) of Yahuwah along with having the testimony (belief in) Yahushua (The true Messiah) as outlined in Revelation 14:12.

   Now is the time to STAND firm in the Belief! Brothers and Sisters, “Cry aloud, do not spare. Lift up your voice like a ram’s horm!’ (Yeshayahu 58:1). Rise up, children of The Most High. You were created for a time like this, walk in it! Even in these perilous times, we must continue to run this race (1Cor 9:24-25). Give them food in this season and be blessed! (Matthew 24:45-46)

  Our next Kansas stop was in another little town called Augusta. 

  This was a very simple town yet very nice. Most showings we do are designed for those off the streets. This is risky, as we never fully know the consequence that may follow.  Not everyone takes to kindly of being told ‘Hey, you’ve been lied to!” So far Yahuwah has been with us each step of the way. Most tell us, “Now it all makes sense.”
  Doing Imposter showings with likeminded believers is always a blessing. The congregation at “The Trumpets of Yahveh” hosted the showing in Augusta, KS. 


 There were quite a
few believers there!

  Many came from all over. We had such a wonderful time seeing everyone. The fellowshipping was splendid.

The food was delicious. 

Outside the Trumpets of
Yahveh Congregation
Another view of downtown
Augusta during the Showing

Many people at this congregation prayed and fasted for Felicia. Words will never be able to fully express how thankful we were for all those who prayed for Felicia.

Our Table of free books, tracts and DVDs.

  The next day, Bro. Danny shared the F.O.Y. Ministry’stestimony with everyone. Our desire is that this journey that Yahuwah has us on will encourage everyone.  Truly the Mighty One of Yisra’el is still performing modern day miracles. Sadly after spending the weekend there at Augusta, the time had come for us to move on. We deeply thank Pastor and his wonderful wife for their hospitality. 

Written By L. McGuire 

Where’s next? This Spring we will take our tour to the Oklahoma/Arkansas/Missouri Area.  

If you are in the area and would like to help us find a location to host a showing let us know: “

The Imposter Tour: #3 Delray Beach Florida

   Shalom and Greetings be unto you once again.  The F.O.Y. Ministry did a showing for the movie, ‘The Imposter’ in Delray Beach, Florida on May 14th starting at 6:00. We did Dinner and a movie night! Dinner was first, with a raw foods buffet along with Rotini noodles & spaghetti sauce on the side. 
   Since it was only a short notice about a week to plan we had a lot of work to do. Our printer was not working so we had to find a good printing company to get some fliers printed up. We found “MinuteMan Printing.”

There was not much time to advertise. Therefore, Danny, Michael and Daniel McGuire of the F.O.Y. Ministry passed the 900 fliers door-to-door around the neighborhood and gave some stacks to the local businesses. Felicia also stood at the corner of the busy intersection with a sign and some fliers to give to anyone interested..

Felicia holding a sign.
A nice crowd showed up.
“The Imposter – Free Movie & Dinner”
“The Imposter Free Movie”

Setting up before the Delray Showing!

We are sure more would have came if we had a month to advertise. Nevertheless, just as it is with every showing we have done so far. The message is always for someone in the crowd. HalleluYAH!  It has been written, that Yahuwah’s word does not return to Him empty (void) but that it shall prosper as outlined in Yashayahu/Isaiah 55:11. 

One woman, asked if this movie is about the Anti-Christ. When we explained that yes this is an end time prophecy documentary. She went on to say how excited she was to learn about this. Her uncle is a preacher yet will not talk much about the coming anti-Christ. Brothers and Sisters, so many are hungry because they are not getting fed the truth from most Christian preachers and ministers. There is a sinister reason behind all this. All 501c tax exempt churches, congregations, organizations can only speak and talk about certain subjects. Can you guess what one of those subjects are? The second coming of Yahushua Ha Mashiach!

Let me explain, many pulpit leaders are not permitted to even talked about the book of Revelation. I personally remember hearing preachers tell me that ‘you don’t need to know about the book of Revelation because you’re not going to be here anyway.‘ Beloved ones this was over ten years ago when this so called ‘man of god’ was trying to sell me this bogus bologna.

While taking the tour we stopped for a few days at John Pennecampe State Park. When traveling we meet many people. One person that we met was very interesting to say the least. She was a girl in college studying to become an Environmental lawyer. She explained to me how the Sunday Laws are about to be enforced and how preachers are not permitted to talk about certain chapters within the book of Revelation.

 Let us not forget how just a few short years ago, many of us were taken by surprise upon learning that according to big brother we (those of us that believe in the second coming of Yahushua Ha Mashiach) could be potentially terrorists. Are you starting to connect the dots here beloved ones? 

Because of these things many people are starving to hear the WORD. The prophet has told us so long ago, “See, days are coming,” declares Yahuwah, “that I shall send a hunger in the land, not of hunger for bread, nor a thirst for water, but for hearing the Words of Yahuwah!” -Amos 8:11

That is what is going on, many people are starving. We are told in the great book of Yehezqel (Ezekiel) chapter thirty-three verse three through five that we are to blow the Ram’s horn to warn the people.

Again we are also told there will be some that are trustworthy servants that will give meat in its due season (Mattithyahu 24:45). Brothers and Sister, now more than ever…THIS is that SEASON!

The Imposter tour is doing just that, taking the word of Yahuwah to those who would not hear these truths in their everyday church, congregation or prayer group. These people we have met have come from all walks of life. Some have been Christians, Jewish non-believers and yes even Muslim’s along with atheist have been given this important message of the coming “Strong Delusion“.

We have even taken the Imposter message to the very tip of the United States. Upcoming up next, Key West trip!

Key West, Florida

 Taking the Imposter to the Streets of Key West.

After doing a few Imposter tours, we took a few days off at John PenneKamp park. While swimming one day at a nearby key, we felt led to take a trip down to Key West. This was not a planned trip as we were still in our bathing suits. Nevertheless, we went!

That’s right beloved ones, we went as far south as we could possibly go! Our mission, “Blow the Ram’s Horn!”  In this late hour we are doing everything we can do to warn the people of the coming “Strong Delusion.” While at the same time, we are proclaiming the restoration of the Father and Son’s true name! If you do not know what the coming “Strong Delusion” is please email us at  and ask for your free copy of the Imposter!

Soon the entire atmosphere (the sky) is going to be turned into one big holographic delusion of the second coming of Yahushua Messiah. In reality this will be the Son of Perdition coming in the clouds with it’s fallen demons masquerading as angles of light. Recently in china the blue beam project is increasing the massive illusions of whole cities and trees appearing out of thin air.

Through years of doing the ministry work one matter we have learned is not to prejudge anyone. There was a time, I must admit that while doing street witnessing, I looked at the outer appearance of a person. I would think, “Oh they don’t won’t to hear this!” I no longer look at the outer appearance but pray that each person I approach the Rauch Ha Qodesh will give me the words. We here at the F.O.Y. ministry will do everything we can possibly do to warn the people of the coming “Strong Delusion.”

At Key West every night there is what they call, “Sunset Celebration.” As the sun sets, the town turns into…well I would likened it unto Sodom and Gomorrah. People gather at Mallory square to watch flame tossing jugglers, all sorts of tricks, music and one person was dressed up as Spider-man. 

In all my days of growing up in Ohio I never saw what I saw down there. There were so many homosexuals, transsexuals, woman walking around with enormous snakes wrapped around their necks, evil music and debauchery. Even the store manicans were dressed with breast enhancements not fit for any male to look at.

Despite all this we managed to witness to an atheist, a nonbeliever, a few Christians, a Christian preacher and even a Muslim family.  We would of taken more pictures but the batteries in the camera died!

Bro. Danny street witnessing in Key West Florida

Bro. Danny doing more street witnessing. This man was very excited to talk with us.

Bro. Danny talking to a man.

Shalom from Key West Florida!

Coming Soon, “Back On The Road Again!”

The Imposter Movie Seen in State Prison

We are so very excited to announce that the Chuckawalla Valley State Prison has accepted our donation of The Great Conspiracy DVD, The Imposter DVD and the audio of the Imposter. This means that the brothers along with anyone else who wants to view these videos will have access to them.
We also have heard that a sister will be donating the Imposer DVD to 12 prisons.