Key West, Florida

 Taking the Imposter to the Streets of Key West.

After doing a few Imposter tours, we took a few days off at John PenneKamp park. While swimming one day at a nearby key, we felt led to take a trip down to Key West. This was not a planned trip as we were still in our bathing suits. Nevertheless, we went!

That’s right beloved ones, we went as far south as we could possibly go! Our mission, “Blow the Ram’s Horn!”  In this late hour we are doing everything we can do to warn the people of the coming “Strong Delusion.” While at the same time, we are proclaiming the restoration of the Father and Son’s true name! If you do not know what the coming “Strong Delusion” is please email us at  and ask for your free copy of the Imposter!

Soon the entire atmosphere (the sky) is going to be turned into one big holographic delusion of the second coming of Yahushua Messiah. In reality this will be the Son of Perdition coming in the clouds with it’s fallen demons masquerading as angles of light. Recently in china the blue beam project is increasing the massive illusions of whole cities and trees appearing out of thin air.

Through years of doing the ministry work one matter we have learned is not to prejudge anyone. There was a time, I must admit that while doing street witnessing, I looked at the outer appearance of a person. I would think, “Oh they don’t won’t to hear this!” I no longer look at the outer appearance but pray that each person I approach the Rauch Ha Qodesh will give me the words. We here at the F.O.Y. ministry will do everything we can possibly do to warn the people of the coming “Strong Delusion.”

At Key West every night there is what they call, “Sunset Celebration.” As the sun sets, the town turns into…well I would likened it unto Sodom and Gomorrah. People gather at Mallory square to watch flame tossing jugglers, all sorts of tricks, music and one person was dressed up as Spider-man. 

In all my days of growing up in Ohio I never saw what I saw down there. There were so many homosexuals, transsexuals, woman walking around with enormous snakes wrapped around their necks, evil music and debauchery. Even the store manicans were dressed with breast enhancements not fit for any male to look at.

Despite all this we managed to witness to an atheist, a nonbeliever, a few Christians, a Christian preacher and even a Muslim family.  We would of taken more pictures but the batteries in the camera died!

Bro. Danny street witnessing in Key West Florida

Bro. Danny doing more street witnessing. This man was very excited to talk with us.

Bro. Danny talking to a man.

Shalom from Key West Florida!

Coming Soon, “Back On The Road Again!”