The Imposter Tour #7: Adel, Iowa

  We didn’t want to leave the beautiful town of Warsaw, Missouri. We made friends and were at a beautiful spot (pictured left).

  The owner of the home we rented for the winter cried because he loved our family so much, especially Michael and Daniel. He was like a grandpa to them. They would spend all day having wonderful fishing trips on the three surrounding ponds on the property. A couple times they even brought over 30 fish in from a half day of fishing!

Daniel, Danny, land owner & Michael’s
result of a fun day of their own fish tournament!
Another fishing trip, the bass
are lined up and ready to be
prepped for dinner!

Michael caught a huge whopping large mouth bass!


  Winter had passed and the warm air rolled in. As you saw in our last post, We did a showing in May at Warsaw, Missouri. It was time to move on, we had places to go and people to see. Our next stop was in Adel, Iowa.
Adel City Paper

  We started the necessary planning to do a showing at the community room in the local Library. We passed out almost 2,000 fliers on the door-step of every residential home in Adel along with its neighboring cities. We also posted fliers in every business, restaurant and gas station in town; not to mentioned we advertised in the county newspaper. There was a very small city paper that told us someone sent in the ad for our showing to be included. The city paper informed us of the anonymous person who said, “this ad must be in the paper”. It wasn’t any of us, someone sure thought ‘The Imposter’ movie was important. And this message is extremely important!

Newspaper Ad
Family picture

  A brother who has a t-shirt Ministry contacted us asking if we wanted some free t-shirts. We were so excited to get the shirts. It took six to twelve weeks to get them and the shirts came just in time. We were blessed to wear them when we were passing out the fliers in Adel and in the surrounding cities.

Michael passing out fliers
Daniel passing out fliers

Brother Danny handing fliers
to some people doing yard work

Despite Sister Linda’s health she helped do some too!
Sister Felicia passed out a couple of fliers also.
Daniel giving a flier to a woman on her porch
Up to a seven hundred and still counting! Good Job Michael!

Brother Danny, do you think we can do one thousand?

Way-to-go Daniel! Today we were able to
pass out the one thousandth flier!

OK! OK! Ehem* We passed out at least
1500 fliers in Adel & its surrounding cities

To keep track of ALL the residences in Adel we marked the streets on google earth

Yep, Adel had A LOT of homes!
But we did all of them AND MORE!

Just in time for the new showing, F.O.Y. Productions released the new movie available as DVD, ‘The Temple Builders’. You can request your own copy, watch it on youtube, or download onto your computer (to download onto your computer right click here, then click “save target”.

Time to Set Up!

The Community Room could hold up to 50 people. We eagerly set up everything, come see what we all did!

Brother Danny set up the
display table and set up the free DVDs.

Felicia drew up the sign to put outside.

Daniel laid out the candy and mints.

Michael took out the mini brownie bites.
Oh they were so good!

Sister Linda set out the cups and cookies.

And Michael helped bring out the fruit cocktail.

Danny sliced the tomatoes.
While Michael, Danny and Linda were prepping
the dinner, Felicia finished drawing the sign.
The signs were done and outside. We were ready!

Meanwhile in the Community Room Michael
was finishing up with the sub sandwiches.


Daniel and Sister Linda making the
finishing touches. Can we have a smile?
All done! Now we just wait.
How much longer do we have to wait?
(Molly our Shih Tzu)

We waited and waited; can you guess how many showed up? We had an awesome turnout in Adel. Passing out all those fliers really paid off! Thirty-five came for free sub sandwiches, DVDs and a movie! The line was so long after 20 minutes people were still in line! We would have taken more pictures of the food line, but to be respectful, we gave everyone their privacy.

Brother Danny introducing himself…

 And Felicia giving her wonderful testimony.

Quite a full people hung around after the showing to hear more about this wonderful journey that Yahuwah has us on. Many were blessed to hear Sister Felicia’s miraculous healings.

Our next stop! The Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania area!

 If you are in any of these areas please send us an email to
and ask us to come to your area for a tour stop!

Adel Iowa 2012 – Memorial Day – FREE DVD Giveaway!

   We are taking advantage of the opportunity while camping. So many people come in and out of these campgrounds we are staying at. Especially during Memorial Day weekend! YAHWUAH gave us the wonderful idea to put our sign outside and advertise our free DVDs. The city campground in Adel, Iowa, (Island Park) was full during memorial day weekend with tent after tent lined with RVs and Motor homes. Sorry we didn’t get a picture of the campground sign, but the sign by the road said “FULL tents only”. While camping at the Adel Island Park, we became good friends with a few of the city workers. We had a wonderful time sharing the Besorah of Yahushua with them. They even took some of our free DVDs. 
During our stay in Adel Island Park, we gave away close to 50 DVDs, HalleluYAH! We will use any means necessary to get this message out there!
  If you are ever around, out and about, and happen to spot our sign, don’t be shy, come say ‘hello’ and take your free DVDs! If you don’t see us and still want our free DVDs you can download them or request your free copys in the mail today!

“When I was hungry, you gave Me food to eat.”

Despite the rough roads it has overall been a great tour so far. Meeting new people from all different ethnic groups. The people that come into these campgrounds we stay at are from all over! Staying at active crowded campgrounds is really beneficial in this tour. It is so rewarding when we get to see someone pull up or walk up to the front of our RV site and ask, “These are free?” With our response of “Yes! Please take one of each!” they eagerly reach into the tote full of DVDs, thanking us and leave.
Our white truck on the left, next to the *FREE DVD* sign. We actually had a tote full of DVDs sitting near the sign, but it was late and rainy.

We have met and came across so many different kinds of people. Rich and poor, small and large. One large family we met gave us the idea to have a big chili dinner!

  And so we did! We threw together red beans, chili beans, kidney beans, tomato sauce, chili powder, cayenne powder, ground beef with onions, diced tomatoes and cooked elbow macaroni. Sister Felicia baked 50 cupcakes. Sister Linda and Felicia iced/decorated them together. We shared the BIG chili dinner with several in the campground for dinner that night. Everyone greatly enjoyed it! It was a wonderful blessing for us to be able to share the abundant food Yahuwah has blessed us with. So many go without. One family we shared this dinner with (a widow with her two sons and daughter) only had chips and pop in their damp tent to eat. These people were homeless, living in their tent and they were still there when we left. They were so happy for the hot chili, crackers & cupcakes on that cold rainy day.  HalleluYAH! They were not the only ones homeless. Many people live in tents at campgrounds, we are seeing more and more of this.

  We share our experiences with you not to brag or boast, but to give you ideas of what us Temple Builders should be doing. If we can do this, you can to! Why not gather your spouse, your children, and go on a camping trip for the weekend? You can set up a sign, bring some witnessing materials, bring extra food and witness to those who would not normally hear the Besorah of Yahushua. NOW is the time to PROCLAIM, to WARN and to BUILD!

The Imposter Movie Seen in State Prison

We are so very excited to announce that the Chuckawalla Valley State Prison has accepted our donation of The Great Conspiracy DVD, The Imposter DVD and the audio of the Imposter. This means that the brothers along with anyone else who wants to view these videos will have access to them.
We also have heard that a sister will be donating the Imposer DVD to 12 prisons.