The Imposter Tour #7: Adel, Iowa

  We didn’t want to leave the beautiful town of Warsaw, Missouri. We made friends and were at a beautiful spot (pictured left).

  The owner of the home we rented for the winter cried because he loved our family so much, especially Michael and Daniel. He was like a grandpa to them. They would spend all day having wonderful fishing trips on the three surrounding ponds on the property. A couple times they even brought over 30 fish in from a half day of fishing!

Daniel, Danny, land owner & Michael’s
result of a fun day of their own fish tournament!
Another fishing trip, the bass
are lined up and ready to be
prepped for dinner!

Michael caught a huge whopping large mouth bass!


  Winter had passed and the warm air rolled in. As you saw in our last post, We did a showing in May at Warsaw, Missouri. It was time to move on, we had places to go and people to see. Our next stop was in Adel, Iowa.
Adel City Paper

  We started the necessary planning to do a showing at the community room in the local Library. We passed out almost 2,000 fliers on the door-step of every residential home in Adel along with its neighboring cities. We also posted fliers in every business, restaurant and gas station in town; not to mentioned we advertised in the county newspaper. There was a very small city paper that told us someone sent in the ad for our showing to be included. The city paper informed us of the anonymous person who said, “this ad must be in the paper”. It wasn’t any of us, someone sure thought ‘The Imposter’ movie was important. And this message is extremely important!

Newspaper Ad
Family picture

  A brother who has a t-shirt Ministry contacted us asking if we wanted some free t-shirts. We were so excited to get the shirts. It took six to twelve weeks to get them and the shirts came just in time. We were blessed to wear them when we were passing out the fliers in Adel and in the surrounding cities.

Michael passing out fliers
Daniel passing out fliers

Brother Danny handing fliers
to some people doing yard work

Despite Sister Linda’s health she helped do some too!
Sister Felicia passed out a couple of fliers also.
Daniel giving a flier to a woman on her porch
Up to a seven hundred and still counting! Good Job Michael!

Brother Danny, do you think we can do one thousand?

Way-to-go Daniel! Today we were able to
pass out the one thousandth flier!

OK! OK! Ehem* We passed out at least
1500 fliers in Adel & its surrounding cities

To keep track of ALL the residences in Adel we marked the streets on google earth

Yep, Adel had A LOT of homes!
But we did all of them AND MORE!

Just in time for the new showing, F.O.Y. Productions released the new movie available as DVD, ‘The Temple Builders’. You can request your own copy, watch it on youtube, or download onto your computer (to download onto your computer right click here, then click “save target”.

Time to Set Up!

The Community Room could hold up to 50 people. We eagerly set up everything, come see what we all did!

Brother Danny set up the
display table and set up the free DVDs.

Felicia drew up the sign to put outside.

Daniel laid out the candy and mints.

Michael took out the mini brownie bites.
Oh they were so good!

Sister Linda set out the cups and cookies.

And Michael helped bring out the fruit cocktail.

Danny sliced the tomatoes.
While Michael, Danny and Linda were prepping
the dinner, Felicia finished drawing the sign.
The signs were done and outside. We were ready!

Meanwhile in the Community Room Michael
was finishing up with the sub sandwiches.


Daniel and Sister Linda making the
finishing touches. Can we have a smile?
All done! Now we just wait.
How much longer do we have to wait?
(Molly our Shih Tzu)

We waited and waited; can you guess how many showed up? We had an awesome turnout in Adel. Passing out all those fliers really paid off! Thirty-five came for free sub sandwiches, DVDs and a movie! The line was so long after 20 minutes people were still in line! We would have taken more pictures of the food line, but to be respectful, we gave everyone their privacy.

Brother Danny introducing himself…

 And Felicia giving her wonderful testimony.

Quite a full people hung around after the showing to hear more about this wonderful journey that Yahuwah has us on. Many were blessed to hear Sister Felicia’s miraculous healings.

Our next stop! The Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania area!

 If you are in any of these areas please send us an email to
and ask us to come to your area for a tour stop!

The Imposter Tour #6: Warsaw, Missouri

The F.O.Y. ministry is excited to announce that we will be continuing the Imposter tour. We truly believe that soon it will be against man’s law to publicly proclaim the Besorah! That is why now more than ever we must continue to Blow this Ram’s Horn message! As the parable says, ‘go into the streets invite them to the wedding feast” (Matthew 22:9) That is exactly what the F.O.Y. ministry is doing with each Imposter showing.
Our first stop of the year is Warsaw, MO. Yahuwah invited us to come proclaim His name here in the state of Mo. If you have never been to this state let us share Missouri. has very pretty landscape. The small town of Warsaw is surrounded with lakes, creeks and streams. Quite a few fishermen live here and we pray that we were able to touch some with the Besorah.
Time for the pictures of it all!
Danny McGuire posting fliers. Michael and Daniel also passed fliers out door-to-door within the city limits of Warsaw, Missouri. We forgot to get their picture.
Michael and Daniel putting the letters on the sign. “This is so much fun!
Danny and Linda standing next to the sign in front of the rented building advertizing the showing. Can you believe May 14th this month will be their 20th year wedding anniversary. We got something special planned for them. “Shhhh… it’s a surprise, don’t tell…” *wink*
Sister Linda taking the brownies out of the oven in the house we were renting the day before the showing. These were a favorite of the guests at the showing. Some were grabbing 4 pieces!
Now that the brownies are done it’s time for the cookies to bake. We had a good selection of cookies; chocolate chip, blue sprinkled sugar, and oatmeal raisin.
Felicia tying the balloons up on the sign outside the building.  HalleluYAH she is here with us today. May 17th will be the anniversary Yahwuah has restored her life. If you haven’t read about what happened on May 17, 2011 you can read here. 
There, I put up 20 balloons all around outside the building. They will for sure grab everyone’s attention as they drive by.
 View of outside the building.


Brother Danny setting up the tables in the building.

Daniel trying to fix the unexpected computer problem we had a few minutes before Danny was about to do his opening welcome speech.
 Still trying to figure out why the file wouldn’t open. Nevertheless. HaShatan did not prevail; the file opened and the show went on as planned!
Felicia setting up the display table and unloading the free DVDs and music CD’s to distribute. One guest took a pretty big stack!
Michael did an awesome job making the cold iced tea and lemonade! You should have seen how fast it was gone! There wasn’t any leftover! Everyone had fun!
 The free dinner is ready. “Time to eat!” Sister Linda (right) and Felicia (left) did a great job setting the dinner table. 

Everyone really enjoyed the bountiful dinner that Yahuwah blessed us to share with them.
Yummy. 🙂 We got to really enjoy the leftovers a couple days afterwards too! 
Everyone enjoyed themselves and had a great time fellowshipping at dinner. It was wonderful!
One of the guest were so thrilled to get their free DVDs that before he finished eating he asked if he could take them before the movie started. Sister Linda is here showing him what we have at the table. 
We are a little Sad that it is all over. Time to clean up. Can’t wait for the next time.
 Now that the mild winter has passed and the weather is beginning to shine, it is time to move onto our next destination and continue this tour. We would like to definitely reserve a building at our next stop. The wonderful city of Des Moines, Iowa and then onto Omaha, Nebraska. Are you in the area? Fill out the form below and let us know. Maybe you could help us find a place?
If you have ever wanted to get involved in doing any type of ministry work now is your opportunity to help us. You can do a showing in your area also. We will help provide you with the DVD’s that you will need. We know some believers that open their houses and have showings in their homes while another brother will be having many showings in his area.
We are in need of people to help us organize and host FREE showings in their city. These believers will help find a building for us to rent, a newspaper to promote the event and help pass out fliers announcing the event in their neighborhood. If you are interested please fill out the form below. Remember the F.O.Y. ministry is not just limited to the few workers here but this is Yahuwah’s ministry. If we the “Body of Messiah” work together lifting Yahushua up, think of what we can do? How many people we can reach? Since we will be doing this on faith we can only do as much as Yahuwah will allow.
So far we have done free public showings in:
  • Hiawatha, Kansas
  • Delray Beach, Florida
  • Cape Coral, Florida
  • Wichita Falls, Texas
  • Warsaw, Missouri
Currently we are in the area of Nebraska, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Missouri and Iowa. If you are in any of those states and want us to come to your city send us an email to ’’