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Lay down your visionaries
No longer gaze for answers
It has been there all along.
Stop talking oh one
Listen with your eyes
And great truth will be revealed.
You seek answers
With all your noise
And knowledge ~
Learn to let go
And discover real truth.
Can you become the end of yourself?
Can you learn to stop making noise?
Will you be willing to learn
From what is in front of you?
I ran away from noise
For it pushes me away
I cannot compete with vanity
Or the pride of men.
Simplicity and sincerity
You will find me
When you lose your life
It is then that you will live.


2 Peter 2:13-14. Fake teachers at the love feast
(Communion). In one of the greatest of
hypocritical acts, they gossiped and slandered those
who disagreed with their opinions. These men were
guilty of more than false teaching and evil pleasures;
they were guilty of leading others away from YHWH’s
Son Yahshua. (You cannot walk in faith which is the
obedience of love and gossip/slander others). You
turn others away from Yahshua as a result and personally
reap Yahweh’s curses onto yourself.
Gossip is one of the most hypocritical acts. It defeats
Love and unity in the Body Of Yahshua, it is rebellion,
pride, and actually is the quickest way to kill the gospel.
Those who do so will be called sowers of discord among
The brethren, which is an abomination unto Elohim; One
Of the things HE cannot stand, but this seventh one being
Gossip, especially an abomination unto Him. Wow!
Powerful stuff. It really puts this into context.
If we have a problem in this area, we can come to YHWH
As Isaiah 6:5; “Then said I, Woe is me! For I am undone;
Because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the
Midst of a people of unclean lips: for mine eyes have
Seen the King, the YHWH of Hosts.” YHWH will
Purge our mouths, give us a clean heart and a clean
Mouth to proclaim and live the gospel. Blessings ~


Parable of two – one taken
Two in a bed – Job 33:14-18. Yahweh
Shows men in a night vision upon the
Bed; he openeth the ears of men,
And sealeth their instruction. Reference
By the Messiah to a bed is speaking
About a warning that people receive
From Yahweh when they are sleeping,
In some supernatural way; one will heed
And be accepted by Yahweh, the other
Will reject the warning and thereby be
Rejected from the Messiah’s Body.
Two grinding at the mill – Isaiah 47:2-5
What Yahshua wished us to understand
Was that His coming would be in a time
Of war and slavery (grinding was the slave’s
Occupation) as well as the other characteristics
(the uncovered head, scanty clothes, etc.) of
the daughter of Babylon in Isaiah 47.
Two in the Field – Matthew 13:38
The field is the world. True Messianic worshippers
Stand steadfastly in a position of opposing all
Other religions called Babylon. The group
Selected to be taken because they have prepared
Themselves to meet Him. The ten virgins in
Matthew 25:1-12 is a good example of Yahshua.
Remember, the oil is symbolic of the name of the
Bridegroom. See Solomon 1:3. Remember, it is
Not the Holy Spirit that seals us, but YHWH name
That is written on us as ownership.
(This parable deals with watching / preparing for
Yahshua’s return. It does not deal with the rapture).
Yahshua wishes to warn His people that they should
Beware of turning back into the worldly culture, even
Though He might delay His coming for them. He wishes
To encourage them to seek to live for Him, even though
The world follows its carnal nature. Blessings ~


You are the calm in the storm
You hold me up when I am weak
You give me strength when I have none
I call out to you and you are there
Your wisdom has never failed me
You are my friend who I trust
You tell me in love things
I need to hear and can accept
You show me the way to change
You bring healing in your words
Comfort in your presence
Peace of mind in chaos
I never worry when you are near
I know I am in good hands
As you hold me there
I am written on your palms
I look up to you
The salvation of my soul
For which I am grateful
I am in awe of thee
For you are life itself
Humbly I thank you
For the gift ~
I pray I can learn
To follow and not fail thee.