Bright and Morning Star

Have you heard
About the Word
He was here right from the start

And if you
Believe it’s true
You know he will never depart

Many people think that we are joking
That’s because they haven’t heard
And the ones who’ve gotten the message
The majority thinks it’s absurd
Some will take it and lock it away
For future reference but they’ll forget
Just the ones who keep it handy
Won’t be fooled when it’s their turn I bet

Bright and Morning Star
We know who you are
Never far away
Each and every day

Do you get
The picture friends
That not every eye can see

What we’re saying
And yes we’re praying
Hoping that day you’ll be

Walking with us and talking with us
In the garden or by a stream
On the Mountain or by a fountain
It’ll be real it won’t be a dream
It’s a place with lots of space
Where things go on and we won’t be bored
So if you feel down and out
Lift up your voice you won’t be ignored

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