Let My People Go

Do your eyes see; do your ears hear ?
Do you understand, how the time is near ?
For separating: the chaff from the wheat
Removing Set-Apart, away from those who cheat
Calling out those, who truly love YAH
Reminding they too, will follow ‘Bright Star’
Many will be captives, within their home lands
Try to escape, yet like shifting sands
It’ll be one step forward, then pushed way back
Lose what they had, & knowing lack
Be brutalized, suffer hunger & robbing
Hurt all over ~ body & heart left throbbing
Once again the plea ~ because of woe
Nations will hear: “Let My people go !”
Like before ~ they’ll be refused
And once again ~ shocked & bruised
Over & over ~ the plea demanded
Repeatedly told ~ “Captor’s commanded :
You stay right where, you are put
Until we’re ready ~ don’t move one foot !
We’re your enemy; you’re our foe
Won’t obey request: “Let My people go !”
But YAH will hear cries, from His ‘ears of wheat’
Will gladly perform ~ another marvelous feat
He’ll remove & rescue: all those He calls
Leave warring enemies: fighting each others’ brawls
The ‘ears of wheat’ will be given: the True Way to heed
“Let My people go” eternally: His people freed !

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