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“My thorns will overtake his”,
is a promise from our YAH
His words are healing balm ~
when we’re scratched & clawed
The evil one enjoys pricking us
~ this is just a test
He wants us to fall & curse ~
forget, we’re from YAH’s nest
“My thorns will overtake his”,
should always warm our heart
Remind us where to turn ~
whenever we fall apart
If hurt by those we thought friends
~ then evil influence reigns
Gives us chance to overcome,
so we’re the one, who gains
“My thorns will overtake his”,
are words to oft repeat
As how ever life knocks us down
” He’ll help us to our feetPuts us Right side up,
by guiding us back to Him
Replaces each “crown of thorns”
~ with one, that’s glistening

Menorah Gleaning

A thing of beauty, is the graceful Menorah
You can actually touch ~ part of written Torah !
This Lamp to the World, emits gleaning
As each part of it, has so much meaning
The shape of Menorah, resembles a tree
Reminding us, where our heart should be
As this “Tree of Life”, and all it gives
Holds the “Spirit of Life”, ~ which within us lives !
Arms are raised skywards, in worship praise
Each glowing fire will burn, for all our days
Has a centre Light, raised slightly above
Represents one who serves, with humility, Love
Our Messiah as servant, gave us His all
That we can choose “Life”, by heeding ‘The Call’
This centre Light desires to share, its flame of fire
Enlightening those, who strive for higher
Each then stretches this Light, again & again
Touching persons who alone, crumble & wane
Once joined together, all become stronger
Faith glows brighter, the Lamp burns longer
Warmly reflected, in Menorah’s Light
Seeing Truth & Love, with clear insight
Centre Light is ‘The Lamb’ ~ the core “Centre Peace”
This Living Word teaches : Love increase
The Menorah tree’s branches, are reaching out
Its roots hold firm, allowing Truth to sprout
Eventually we’ll wake up, be gathered, enfold
Purified as silver, then refined as gold
The “House of Yisra’el” and the “House of Yahudah”
Will re-unite forever ~ because of the “Save-Yah” (Saviour) !!

Build Upon

Don’t be fooled, by the impostor Messiah
Who’ll come announcing, a worship ‘mire’
That’ll cover you with ‘mud’, instead of cleaning
Twisting Scriptures, until changes meaning
Don’t get sucked into: this ‘poisoned pit’
All means are removed ~ to get out of it !
Orders you to worship him; taking the place
Of the true Mashiach ~ of Love, and grace
Keep your heart set; build upon YAHUSHUA
Who’ll announce the Truth, of YAHUAH His Father
Bringing messages of Love, life, joy, & hope
A renewed earth’s reign ~ fully able to cope
With our many woes, sins, and endless loss
YAHUSHUA will remove, and then quickly toss
Out, the evil impostor, the liars, & the profane
Leave only goodness, so we again
Will see how much, we’ve been led astray
Feel anxious to return, to YAH’s true Way
Be re-taught Scriptures, we thought we knew
Gladly put out the false, bring in the true
Healing us, until hearts are mended
Allows us to live, as YAH intended
False messiah, false prophet, false leaders ~ all gone !
Now we only have YAH’s Light, to build upon !

Get Yourself Ready

Don’t stare towards heaven, looking & waiting
Upon the return of the Save-Yah, by cloud or wing
When the heavens open, intense Lights will beam
As precious Yahushua, is given full esteem
He will arrive, at the chosen moment
So no need to make, your time all spent
By finger pointing, and wringing of hands
Then checking schedules; making more plans
Just be concerned, how to get yourself ready
Seek out full Truth; remain faithful, steady
You’ll be called, according to account
YAH already knows, how many will amount
To being among, the “remnant few”
~ Just pray that includes, the name of “You !”

If They Won’t

“If they won’t hear your words , they won’t hear Mine”

Reminds our Save-Yah to believers, trying to re-align

Twisted teachings of Scripture, from the evil one’s side

Who seek to prevent anyone, becoming the Loving Bride

Bombard intense fears towards anyone, seen as ‘brave’

As ruining the Marriage Supper, means no one to save

The restful Peace promised, replaced by agony & strife

Plotting endless torture, instead of your Eternal life

Praising Ba’al ~ not YAH, is dangerous to do

Remember JC is a myth ~ can no way, save you

Realise Satan & Santa ~ separated only by ‘floating n’

Refuse abominations promoted, by pompous men

Self-appointed above you, therefore your ‘guiding light’

Somehow think they ‘stand tall’, and insist they are right

Yet blind many eyes to Truth, found within Scripture’s verses

Leaving twisted lies which so anger YAH ~ He turns into curses

Still too proud to admit wrong, or too arrogant to care

Prefer having control over you, & piles of money over there

Their comfy lifestyle squashes out, all that really matters

So ensure they’re never the ones, with their lives in tatters

Convinced they won’t really have to face, any Higher ‘elite’

Claim that’s who they are; don’t even care how much they cheat

As know they work for, the, who looks after his own’

No suffering of sweat by toil, labouring aches, & groan

Such backbreaking work ~ is beneath their life station

Elites belong to the group ~ controlling every nation

Sadly those so far up, have so far down to fall

And when they do, it’ll be for once & for all

If your life remains in danger

~ urgently escape all poisonous lyin’

Set Apart by : “If they won’t hear your words,

they won’t hear Mine ! “

It Is I

It Is I coming to you ~ don’t be afraid
My Words True, warm, openly displayed
I do not lie nor cheat; have nothing to hide
It is I calling you, as your friend, and guide
All those who hunger, I welcome to eat
All who thirst, I give Water to complete
Renewing their spirit, so it blends with Mine
Giving only Pure Light, that will glow & shine
Lit from My Lamp, which has an Eternal Flame
Ever esteeming YAH, and His precious Name
No longer need you fumble, in dark and fear
You can call out to Me, and know I hear
Your words, your thoughts, your actions too
They build relationship, between Me with you
It is I coming back again ~ don’t be afraid
My plans are ready; won’t be delayed
It is I calling to gather friends, into My gate
All who answer, know I’m never late
Like the Friend I AM, instructions are clear
It is I there to meet you; It is I ever near
It is I Who is coming, to help you: overcome
Teach you a melody ~ you can’t help, but hum
So you lift YAH, with your love, and praise
It is I lifting you up ~ your soul I raise

Ruach And I

Ruach, Ruach, not seen with naked eye
Yet felt inside; whether I laugh, or cry
You ‘touch me’; tho’ I can’t hold onto You
Still, I feel Your presence, each day anew
Ruach, Ruach, with me You abide
“Moved on in”, until, fully nestled inside
Blended with, my essence, my being
An Eternal Flame, that keeps agreeing
With the Word of YAH; His Truth confirm
And then You give more, of what I must learn
To raise me higher, than how I’m living
Truly the gift ~ that keeps on giving !
I must ‘raise’ to YAH, before He’ll come down
Then YAH’ll ‘raise me’ from this world & ground
I’m invited to be soaring; like gossamer wings
Have a heart filled with His Love ~ so ever sings
Be free like the wind, gently blow like the breeze
Hold & embrace Truth, so it’s YAH I please
When Ruach and I fully blend, we’ll soar like a kite
I’ll have become Ruach ~ emit only Pure Light

O p p r e s s

“No one should oppress others ~ it kindles My wrath !
I may release My fury ~ and all I hath
To show Who’s in charge, & Who pulls the strings
Prove I really AM that I AM ~ King of Kings ! ”
Master of Masters, & Lamb of YAH !
But this time I use fire, & an Iron Rod
To smite all those, who willingly disobey
My Word & Power, crushes their disarray
All their kingdoms, possessions & sects
Will know how My Word ~ “disinfects”
Putting them in, the oppressed’s place
Leaves them little more, than a shameful face
Bottom of the heap, instead of smugly on top
Their brutal regimes, brought to sudden stop
Last becomes first, & first must wait for last
They’ll feel much hunger ~ be forced to fast
Too late to change, all the wickedness done
Should’ve worked fairness for all ~ not their own fun
With power removed, they’ve a long time to think..
“How far did they fall, how much further to sink ?”

I AM The

You are the ‘cover’ ~ judged by pages you read
I AM “the Book” ~ My Words, you need
You are the candle, shining at night
I AM the Flame, alive in its Light
You are the harp, someone strums
I AM the melody, your voice hums
You are the kite, raised up to soar
I AM the Power, girding you for more
You are the flower, with an open cup
I AM the stalk, ever holding you up
You are the wheat, rippled by breeze
I AM the wind, blowing to seize
You are the soul, with desert thirst
I AM the Living Water ~ quench Me first
You are the vessel, formed from My clay
I AM the potter, refining you My Way
You are the preparation, to enter The Kingdom
I AM the One helping, you to over – come
That you may enter the place, of Love & kin
I AM “The Door” opening, to welcome you in

Alpha to Omega

From ‘A l p h a to O m e g a’, He’s our “all- in- all”
Nothing was left out, so no one, need fall
Nothing was missed, or left to chance
So give praise by song, prayer, and dance
He is our “Pillar of Light”, our Special Friend
Our Teacher, our Healer, our Comfort, Without End
Our Leader, our Strength, our Sage, and our Guide
Our Protection, our Sufficiency, Support gently tied
True Love is shaped, by the heart of this Man
He gave us His Word, so we know of His plan
His Word is His Promise, His Promise His Word
So learn all you can, then share what you’ve heard