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The world is full of seekers,
Those who search their life away;
They seek for golden treasures
To ease their troubled day.
Searching high and searching low
Walking down the treasure path,
Eyes are blinded in the way
Which leads to YHWH’s wrath.
For there upon lay treasures
Which fade with passing time;
They have no cleansing power;
To wash away sin’s grime.
Only when the search has brought
The seeker to YHWH’s thron,
Is there any hope of life
Beyond the grave’s tombstone.
Eternal life is the crown
Which is neither bought or sold;
Only those who truly search
The treasure will behold.

The Lighthouse

Beackon of light, shining so bright,
Guiding the lost in the way,
The lighthouse works both day and night.
Warning other sailors to stay away.
Hidden beaneath the troubled sea
Treacherous reefs aline the shore,
The sailor who does not take heed
Will perish and be no more.
Alinging the shores of everyday life
Sin awaits the slumbering soul,
To entrap and destroy, this is the ploy,
To make one as charcoal.
Awaken now and open your eyes,
See the light of YHWH’s word;
Walk therein and do not sin,
And follow not the herd,
YHWH’s word shows us the way
To safely reach the shore;
If one will closely walk therein
He will live for evermore.

My Prayer To YHWH

Open my eyes
So I may see
The blessed things
you have for me.
Unstop my ears
So I may hear
Your words of peace
So not to fear.
Direct my feet.
So I may tread
The narrow way
And there be led.
Restore my soul
So I may be
A vessel used
For your glory.
These things I ask
Of you this day
Your will be done
Through me I pray.

Hallelu – Yah

Hallelu-Yah, praise YHWH,
glory to his name;
Aloud, lift up your voice,
His qodesh name proclaim
Look to His throne on bended knee,
with eyes affixed on high;
Light the candle of your heart,
His name do magnify.
Every moment of the day
seek to do His will;
Learn to put your trust in Him,
His qodesh will fulfill.
Utilize each talent
placed within your hand;
YHWH has commanded you
to make each one expand.
Along the way be sure to share
the faith your have inside;
Hallelu-Yah, praise YHWH,
proclaim His name outside.

If Not I

Who will give their time and love
To pray and intercede;
Who will share a word of truth
To those who are in need?
Oh, someone will, but not I
For there’s just too much to do;
The need is met by others
Surely, someone just like you.
Assuming someone other
Is sure to give their time,
Acts of love are seldom done;
Assuming is a crime.
It’s a sin of magnitude
Not reaching out your hand
To the poor and lonesome soul;
Oh, don’t you understand.
So give your love to others
Your soul do purify
It is I who must now give;
Faith and deeds, they sanctify

Stones of Witness

There was a stone in Bethel
Which Jacob made stand tall
To YHWH it bore witness
That he wouild tithe of all
-Gen 28:22

And then we read of Moses
Upon Mount Sinai went
Taking tablets made of stone
Which bore the testament
-Exo. 24:12

Another stone of witness
Was set in Shechem too
There all of Israel said
To YHWH we’ll be true
-Josh. 24:26-27

And in the field of Joshua
There stood and awesom stone
It was there the oxen went
The ark they pulled alone.
-1 Sam. 6:14

Finally of the tomb we read
Where YAHUSHUA did lay
The stone which was very great
The Messenger rolled away.
-Matt 28:2

The Morning

In the midst of darkness
It is hard to see about
Unless you have a flashlight
You may fall if you go out.
And so it is with sin
While within one cannot see
It causes one to stumble
When a sin he does not flee.
To clearly see a sin
One must shine with YHWH’s Word
He must watch which way he goes
So to follow not the herd.
To travel with the herd
Means to tread the broadened way
And to flee a known sin
Is to seek the dawn of day.
It is the dawn of day
When the rays of sun do shine
And with the Son YAHUSHUA
Is the light of morning dew.

A Golden Thread

There is a golden thread
Which runs through YHWH’s Word
It tells us how to live
So your voice may be well heard.
First we must have mercy
Upon our fellow man
We must speak in kindness
So to bridge a great gulf span.
With our words we are to give
To those who are in need
Letting action thus proclaim
I do believe indeed.
We are then to walk in truth
Not giving heed to lies
We must do the Father’s will
Keeping open both our eyes.
Finally there is fear
Which must dwell within our heart
Reverence for Almighty Yah
From us must never part.
(Proverbs 16:6)


Friendship is a special gift
Of kindness and much charm,
It seeks to be well-favored
Rather than to do one harm.
It focuses on others
And reaches out its hand,
Encouraging the fallen
To arise and take a stand.
The person who has friendship
Abiding in his soul
Has a special gift of love
More precious than fine gold.
Such a one looks not within
But outward does he see,
With eyes of gentle kindness
For a help he wants to be.
May this special gift of love
Be one we all seek for,
So that we may be a friend
To the trodden and the poor.

The Pearl

In the ocean waters
Dwell the clam and oyster too
They live down on the bottom
Where on sand they may well chew.
Sometimes the sand goes in
When the mouth is opened wide
Stuck and lodged in solitude
There a grain may be inside.
This piece of sand alone
May be left to grind all day
Irritation may it cause
If by chance it’s there to stay.
By this irritation
Over many days gone by
There a precious pearl is made
It’s a treasure to hold high.
Such the like is one’s faith
When it’s tried throughout the day
With the passage of much time
Faith becomes a pearl inlay.