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Friend or Foe

Accept me ~ instead of ‘correct’ me
Love me ~ not shove thoughtlessly
Let me be ‘me’, & you be ‘you’
And the One Who knows what I am, do
The converting of mind, an inner guide
The friendly voice, willing to bide
I can’t add to yours, so please don’t try
To lower my thoughts, whenever I reach for high
Have to find for myself, wrong from right
Discern ‘ism’ from Truth, & dark from Light
When I’m ready, to learn a new task
If I need any help ~ I’ll up-front ask
Your support is appreciated, as I’m being built
But only if ‘pure gold’ ~ not paint over guilt
Friends are needed, to spend time, & talk
Encourage each other, in their faith, & walk
Just trusting that I can hear, Truth that’s sound
Makes you a friend, I’m grateful I’ve found
Then my soul’s comforted, as no thoughts of woe
No more questions whether, you’re really friend, or foe


my dad is a man
handsome man
a rugged man
a hardworking man
but most of all he is a gentleman.

there is none like my dad
cause he makes me glad
he has little time to waste
cause he is always moving at great pace.
my dad always working round the yard
sweeping up on the farm
picking up stuff here and there
showing always that he care.

i love my dad so
cause he is the only you know
who understands and listen to me
cause he is truly unique.

so when your dad is around
please dont hesitate or frown
make sure he is treated with the best
cause there is none to contest.