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N e w

YAH tells us : His Love’s never ending
YAH says His Torah : is never bending
What was then, is so today
He’s never taken, any parts away
We are to Love YAH, with all our heart
Revere The Spirit, be Set Apart
From the world, which we must leave
And to His Torah, obey & cleave
We first accept : His true name
Know The Spirit’s, warm gentle Flame
Call on YAHUSHUAH, as our Messiah
Remove the names, we knew prior
To opening our soul, to Truth & Light
Enter in ‘The Door’, shut out ‘the night’
YAHUSHUAH came, made Torah complete
Gave us chance to be: at the Mercy Seat
Raised up in Spirit, become a new Being
New words uttered, new knowledge seeing
New blessings given, new choice of praise
New ways of living : receive new Light rays

Bright and Morning Star

Have you heard
About the Word
He was here right from the start

And if you
Believe it’s true
You know he will never depart

Many people think that we are joking
That’s because they haven’t heard
And the ones who’ve gotten the message
The majority thinks it’s absurd
Some will take it and lock it away
For future reference but they’ll forget
Just the ones who keep it handy
Won’t be fooled when it’s their turn I bet

Bright and Morning Star
We know who you are
Never far away
Each and every day

Do you get
The picture friends
That not every eye can see

What we’re saying
And yes we’re praying
Hoping that day you’ll be

Walking with us and talking with us
In the garden or by a stream
On the Mountain or by a fountain
It’ll be real it won’t be a dream
It’s a place with lots of space
Where things go on and we won’t be bored
So if you feel down and out
Lift up your voice you won’t be ignored

Stones of Witness

There was a stone in Bethel
Which Jacob made stand tall
To YHWH it bore witness
That he wouild tithe of all
-Gen 28:22

And then we read of Moses
Upon Mount Sinai went
Taking tablets made of stone
Which bore the testament
-Exo. 24:12

Another stone of witness
Was set in Shechem too
There all of Israel said
To YHWH we’ll be true
-Josh. 24:26-27

And in the field of Joshua
There stood and awesom stone
It was there the oxen went
The ark they pulled alone.
-1 Sam. 6:14

Finally of the tomb we read
Where YAHUSHUA did lay
The stone which was very great
The Messenger rolled away.
-Matt 28:2

The Morning

In the midst of darkness
It is hard to see about
Unless you have a flashlight
You may fall if you go out.
And so it is with sin
While within one cannot see
It causes one to stumble
When a sin he does not flee.
To clearly see a sin
One must shine with YHWH’s Word
He must watch which way he goes
So to follow not the herd.
To travel with the herd
Means to tread the broadened way
And to flee a known sin
Is to seek the dawn of day.
It is the dawn of day
When the rays of sun do shine
And with the Son YAHUSHUA
Is the light of morning dew.

A Golden Thread

There is a golden thread
Which runs through YHWH’s Word
It tells us how to live
So your voice may be well heard.
First we must have mercy
Upon our fellow man
We must speak in kindness
So to bridge a great gulf span.
With our words we are to give
To those who are in need
Letting action thus proclaim
I do believe indeed.
We are then to walk in truth
Not giving heed to lies
We must do the Father’s will
Keeping open both our eyes.
Finally there is fear
Which must dwell within our heart
Reverence for Almighty Yah
From us must never part.
(Proverbs 16:6)

Tears In A Bottle

If you truly Love YAH, you’ve frequently sobbed & cried
Feel pain & rejection; get shocked by loved ones who lied
Are devastated by betrayal, from someone you trust
Felt fiery darts in your back; had daggers in your heart thrust
So many tears flowed, each time they are shed
Yet you can’t figure out, what really was said
Causing you pain to endure; deep agonies to bear
How could this happen; why is life cruel & unfair ?
Thought trust included: each be treated right
No need of worry, whether day or night
About those you know, even if not seen face-to-face
As each promised loyalty, ever firmly ‘set in place’
Yet repeatedly you’re forced, to accept more pain
Can’t find rhyme nor reason, any benefit, or gain
They know they hurt you; pricked more tears into flow
Yet not humble enough, to even let you know
What they now believe justifies, such terrible sting
Nor why or how they, could do such a thing
We need remind ourselves: YAH keeps many scores
Caring about His “Little ones”, is just one, of His Laws
He puts our tears in a bottle ~ holds for future ‘court trials’
Each bottle is labelled ~ named & numbered vials
Woe to those if YAH chooses: to have these vials poured out
Selects a certain desert, & orders a river to sprout
In what was once dust, on much arid ground
YAH commands raging waters ~ to again our enemies drown
Now helpless & unable to brag, how once ‘fearless & brave’
Nauseated & tossed like matchsticks, on an ocean wave”
Drowning in our tears”, no longer just a saying oft used
YAH has many plans avenging ‘Little ones’, He counts as abused

(Title Unknown)

Money, power, greed and lust
things I will never trust!
Open your eyes, don’t stop to blink,
I don’t care what you think!
Science or not, what’s true is true.
Evil runs this world and they don’t care about you!
Good or bad, choose a side! Life or death, suicide!
Prophet or profit which one will you pocket!
Corruption, destruction, it’s time for correction.
Illusion, confusion, it’s time for direction!

What you perceived was all for yourself,
you’ve been deceived by Satan himself!
The hour is late, and the time is now!
So CHOOSE who YOU will serve,
and remember you reap what you deserve!

YAHUAH forgive me for I have sinned,
I did not know who I have been.
Like the current in the river life keeps flowing,
like the tree in the ground we keep growing.
Thoughts always slowing as the wind stays blowing,
Living an illusion like an amazing showing.
Lost in confusion in a world of never knowing,
nobody ever knows where they’re going.
Life’s not a game unless you make it one.
Life’s about looking back at what you’ve done,
cuz only then will you change who you will become.
Everything is happening for a reason,
nothing is what it seems.

Wake up from your deep, sleep dreams.
Open up your eyes, look up to the skies.
Open up your mind. Take some time,
to realign the thoughts in your head.
Hurry up before your dead.
You don’t have long, its why I sing this song!
cuz soon some day you will be gone.
Today’s the day we live the Love,
a sign sent down from the one above!
YAHUAH forgive me for I have sinned,
I did not know who I have been!