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The promises of YHWH
Give hope and strength divine,
To His favored children
They are a strong lifeline.
Providing right direction
So not to go astray,
Believers are encouraged
To tread the narrow way.

The prize for their endurance
Shall be a crown of life;
They shall live forever
And have no pain or strife.
But to the unbeliever
Only tragedy is found,
For his disobedience
The promise is…Hell-bound!


The world is full of seekers,
Those who search their life away;
They seek for golden treasures
To ease their troubled day.
Searching high and searching low
Walking down the treasure path,
Eyes are blinded in the way
Which leads to YHWH’s wrath.
For there upon lay treasures
Which fade with passing time;
They have no cleansing power;
To wash away sin’s grime.
Only when the search has brought
The seeker to YHWH’s thron,
Is there any hope of life
Beyond the grave’s tombstone.
Eternal life is the crown
Which is neither bought or sold;
Only those who truly search
The treasure will behold.

The Lighthouse

Beackon of light, shining so bright,
Guiding the lost in the way,
The lighthouse works both day and night.
Warning other sailors to stay away.
Hidden beaneath the troubled sea
Treacherous reefs aline the shore,
The sailor who does not take heed
Will perish and be no more.
Alinging the shores of everyday life
Sin awaits the slumbering soul,
To entrap and destroy, this is the ploy,
To make one as charcoal.
Awaken now and open your eyes,
See the light of YHWH’s word;
Walk therein and do not sin,
And follow not the herd,
YHWH’s word shows us the way
To safely reach the shore;
If one will closely walk therein
He will live for evermore.