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G r o w U p

Only when you ‘grow up’ spiritually, will you desire the True Name
Once found & accepted ~ nothing, remains the same
Hearing the pagan names: now makes you sad
Deceptive church teachings: now makes you mad
They replaced scriptures ~ believed by nearly all
Twisted Truth into lies, ensuring many will fall
In these last days, false messiah will come
Gathering people into: the wrong kingdom
The True Messiah announces: His Name to a few
Remnant believers ~ those who spiritually grew
Into wanting pure Truth, even if appears ‘strange’
Only clear Truth gives comfort; we strive to re-arrange
Our lives & thoughts; how we live each day
As we ‘grow up’ spiritually: follow only YAH’s Way
Expressed in His Torah ~ yes, those Scriptures of old
Strongly rejecting doctrines: churches packaged & ‘sold’
Kept us “a child”; controlled; taught silly childish things
Until we ‘grow up’ ; desire Truth ~ only YAH’s Torah brings
No, it’s not easy; there is so much to learn
Yet to esteem YAH, we continually yearn
To ‘grow up’ into: spiritual, adult Believer
Privileged to be called, by the “True Receiver”

R e v e a l e d

Why is corrupted Greek OK, but true Hebrew not
When it makes corrupted teachings, appear all we’ve got ?
The True Messiah came, in His Father’s Name
To spread the Truth ~ not seek fortune or fame !
We need to reach others, so they can see
The Messiah’s name is YAHUSHUAH ~ not J.C. !
YAHUSHUAH means: it is YAH Who will save
YAHUAH is in control; is the One Who gave
Us choice of salvation; our life’s eternity
But first we must find: some humility
Only then we’ll seek Scriptures, as they were written
But sadly until then ~ we’ll remain bitten
By poisonous lies, that bring us down
Be tied with chains, which keep us bound
Precious Mashiach breaks those chains, leaving just tatters
It’s only His Word ~ not men’s, which really matters
He proclaims YAHUAH, as His Father, His El
And explains who is: the true Yisra’el
This is your Eternal Life, we’re talking about
So praise YAH ! HalleluYAH ! give your grateful shout
Keep turning to YAH, & His Set-Apart Spirit
Treasure the Truth revealed; Love all that’s in it !

J u s t i f y

Obey or justify ~ that is the problem
Do we follow The Spirit, or follow ‘them’ ?
“He knows my heart, therefore it’s quite OK”
There’s no need to remind, what His Words say
~ Cause they tell ~ not suggest, we do as He asks
Includes certain things; not choices, but tasks
‘Stay away from evil’, means more than ‘don’t look’
Re-naming to smother it; & keep closing His Book
Our pagan – based festivals, are clearly wrongs
Regardless of our ‘sentiment’, our actions, our songs
That He looks on the heart, means we must too
Then decide for sure, what we can & can’t do
All Sunday worships, remain: abominations
Yet esteeming The Sabbath, causes sensations
Many justify Halloween, as ‘harmless and fun’
When it degrades Him, Who’s our Set – Apart One !
Christmas and Easter, produce more justifying
Claimed true religion; really Faith denying
Even Thanksgiving’s not, as appears to be
Plus reduced to food, excesses, give ‘me’
One day we’ll wake up, to what’s wanted of us
Submit to His Will, quietly without fuss
Not deciding for selves, wrong from right
And doing only what’s pleasing, in His sight
We should look to His heart, our actions praise
Instead we justify how much, each person ‘obeys’

Home Schooled

Discovered most of my life ~ I’ve been fooled
Thanks to new knowledge ~ now I’m ‘home-schooled”
Came out of the system, known as the church
Threatened my leaving, as left in the lurch”
My salvation’s removed ! ~ no longer protected
Teachings abandoned, ~ scriptures rejected
The Spirit has left me, I’m on my own
I’ve dismissed G-d; wasted seeds I’ve sown
If I don’t return now, it’ll be too late
I won’t recover, from my awful fate !”
How quickly they judge me, for being led
Away from doctrines, for too long fed
Year after year, their rigid system
Closed “The Door”, instead of opening wisdom
‘Truth will set you free’ ~ if only you know
There’s more than the usual, way to go
To find higher ground, live by YAH’s Will
Allow Set-Apart Spirit, to open, then fill
Me up with Torah, & YAH’s true Way
Allow me to question, feel, or say
How I should live, & why changes I make
Where I should give, & what I can take
Am gaining understanding, deep inside
How to work towards, becoming The Bride
Be true Yisra’el, spiritual Yahudim
No longer blocked, by any church whim

The Flame

There is a flame within my heart
which burns throughout the day,
A love for YHWH’s holy word
To seek and then obey.
The flame burns bright, as morning light,
Sunshine without the rain,
Enlightening the darkened way
So life I may obtain.
The burning bush was not consumed
When Moses saw the flame,
He looked upon and then was told,
My people go reclaim.
Go, bring them out of Egypt
With you shall I be there,
To guide your steps along the way
And safely bring them here.
And so it is with YHWH’s word
Which burns within my heart,
It guides me in the narrow way
From there shall I not part.


Truth is pure, it does not lie
There are no shades of gray
No error margin does it hold
For truth goes not astray.
What’s one or two, up or down
When coming oh so near
Say the sons of Satan
As they tell you not to fear.
YHWH says that we must rest
On His blessed Sabbath day
But Satan, he has added one
Leading many souls away.
Truth is not the truth
When adding one or two
Only when it’s clearly seen
Does it shine a bright true blue.
Tragedy awaits the soul
Who travels the broadened way
May we be found white and pure
Treading down the narrow way.

E y e s

If you could look into His eyes: you’d feel what He says
How He leads, protects, & guides, you in to His Ways
You would see the Truth, like a clear window reveals
His Living Word keeps flowing, like our heartfelt appeals
You’d see His eyes smile with Love, twinkle with delight
Whenever people listen, or take a stand for what’s right
Know His Word changes not, will always be the same
I AM is ever the One to call ~ just use His given name
Don’t worry, can’t call you, if each other neither know
Can’t bring together those, who claim “it, isn’t so!”
Refuse to accept, what’s actually been written down
Won’t question odd traditions, yet at Eternal Truths ~ they frown
If only they’d seek out His Word, with a more open mind
They’d know what’s usually taught, is sadly wrong & unkind
Research Truth for yourself; feel stronger, freer, & safe
Enough to leave behind, traditions which gag, scratch, or chafe
You’ll discover when you demand: what, when, & why’s
How lives continually change; your closed become open eyes

A c c e p t

That I’m no longer Christian, may be hard to accept
No, I didn’t have nightmares, during hours I slept
But heeded the call, of Ruach to ‘Come out
of Babylon’ by leaving doctrines, filled with doubt
I’ve embraced the true Name, of the real Messiah
Searched for Truth, that is deeper, and higher
Wider and stronger, than any I’ve seen
Set on a journey, that I’ve never been
Before, spiritually awakening from previous lies
Finally blindness, over my mind and eyes
Is peeling away, to reveal Pure Light
I can see the Power, the Love, the Might
Of our true Mashiach, our Save-Yah, our King
The One Who meets us, the One Who’ll bring
Us into the Kingdom ~ who wouldn’t stand for Him ?
Only YAH has the flame, that’ll never dim
I desire Yah accept me, just as I am
Nurture me, as chosen lamb
Call me His ~ for ever more
Set me apart, into me pour
His Ruach, on a daily basis
So I can see ~ all the faces
Of wisdom, knowledge, Love, & Power
Yah Please accept me ~ this very hour !

Do You Hear A Voice ?

Do you h e a r a voice, c a l l i n g out to you ?
M a y b e i t’s t i m e, f o r y o u t o r e v i e w
If p e r h a p s Y a h, is ‘c a l l i n g you home’
Asking you to check, the seeds you have sown
Maybe you’re a descendent, because of genes
O r a d o p t i o n i s, b y o t h e r m e a n s
M a y b e you’re called, b u t don’t yet know
You h a v e n ‘t figured out, the way to go
None of us know, the number, or a m o u n t
Nor how many will be, there for ‘t h e c o u n t’
Some will be chosen, as Yahushua ‘s ‘sheep’
Others will be ‘goats’, left outside to w e e p
In your heart charity, are you gentle as ‘The Lamb’ ?
Or do you lock horns often, like the batting ram ?
We are to be known, because of our fruits
We are to Love always, not just when it suits
We are to be, the h e a d not the tail
We are to overcome, not be to no avail
You are here now, b u t where do y o u stand ?
Lost in the wilderness, or beside the ‘Right Hand’ ?
You may be a s h e e p, wandering lost, and c o l d
But Yahushua knows you’re missing, H e’l l seek
to s h o w the warmth of the f o l d

Yahuah Will Turn Your Tempest

The storms you’re in now,
will have to cease
At Yah’s command,
all winds must ‘freeze’
Whether on sea or land,
you’ll feel the air “be still”
All comes to order ~
at Yah’s spoken Will
All tempests that blow,
reduced to tempest in a tea pot
And crashing downpours,
become merely a wet spot
Arid deserts of biting,
and blowing sands
Are just sands in a timer
~ in Yah’s Mighty hands
Remember how much He loves you;
how deeply He cares
How much He wants you to win,
& how often He bares
Yahushua [WSh] offered His back,
front, head, & blood
Frequently trudged many a mile,
through deserts and mud
He too spent much time,
in agonizing pain
That when He was able,
to return again
To His Father,
He begged blessings for you
Asked for compassion;
receive ev’ry promise due
Complete healing to come;
anxiety melt & go
Fears to shrink away;
enabling peace to grow
Understanding to replace,
any questions of doubt
Words of Love to gently flow,
like a fountain spout
Know YAH enjoys arranging,
how to bless and please
Yahuah hwhy will turn your tempest,
into a gentle breeze