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Title Unknown

I sowed tears of repentance,
in my distress I cried,
to my dear Savior Yahushua,
the One I could confide.

His gentle touch would lift me,
though my humble heart bowed low,
my help comes from Yahuwah,
and stopped the enemies blow.

He broke the power of the wicked,
gave me new life as well,
now I press towards victory,
no longer towards hell.

Engage in the worship,
of our savior Divine,
in the presence of your enemy,
this is where you’ll dine.

Torah Zone

I’ve entered the Torah zone where truth has to be heard, man don’t live by bread alone, but by every word, out of the mouth of Elohim, Yahuah from above who gave us His covenant on Mt Sinat, covenat of love. I’m entering the Torah zone their the rabbits don’t jump real high, we don’t take no eggs color them to hide, decorate no evergreen, or sit around and watch reindeer fly, or keep listening to nimrod’s lies, with some sunday gatherings doing the jezebaal jig, WE keep the true Sabbath, no longer into pig. We are not listening for sleigh bells with dancing eives in the snow, with a red suited Philistine that has a reindeer with a nose that glows, I’ve entered the Torah Zone where truth has to be heard man don’t live by bread alone but by every word of Elohim Yahuah from above who has gave us His renewed covenant from above from Mt Sinai to Mt Golgotha His covenant of love with the blood of Yahushua Yahuah’s precious Son I live in the Torah Zone where I know tru
th has to be heard not on bread alone but by every word of Elohim Yahuah from above, cause I know His truth is going to stand holding the testimony of Yahushua ha Mashiach guarding Yahuah commands Ive entered the Torah Zone where His truth will stand.