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N e w

YAH tells us : His Love’s never ending
YAH says His Torah : is never bending
What was then, is so today
He’s never taken, any parts away
We are to Love YAH, with all our heart
Revere The Spirit, be Set Apart
From the world, which we must leave
And to His Torah, obey & cleave
We first accept : His true name
Know The Spirit’s, warm gentle Flame
Call on YAHUSHUAH, as our Messiah
Remove the names, we knew prior
To opening our soul, to Truth & Light
Enter in ‘The Door’, shut out ‘the night’
YAHUSHUAH came, made Torah complete
Gave us chance to be: at the Mercy Seat
Raised up in Spirit, become a new Being
New words uttered, new knowledge seeing
New blessings given, new choice of praise
New ways of living : receive new Light rays

Tears In A Bottle

If you truly Love YAH, you’ve frequently sobbed & cried
Feel pain & rejection; get shocked by loved ones who lied
Are devastated by betrayal, from someone you trust
Felt fiery darts in your back; had daggers in your heart thrust
So many tears flowed, each time they are shed
Yet you can’t figure out, what really was said
Causing you pain to endure; deep agonies to bear
How could this happen; why is life cruel & unfair ?
Thought trust included: each be treated right
No need of worry, whether day or night
About those you know, even if not seen face-to-face
As each promised loyalty, ever firmly ‘set in place’
Yet repeatedly you’re forced, to accept more pain
Can’t find rhyme nor reason, any benefit, or gain
They know they hurt you; pricked more tears into flow
Yet not humble enough, to even let you know
What they now believe justifies, such terrible sting
Nor why or how they, could do such a thing
We need remind ourselves: YAH keeps many scores
Caring about His “Little ones”, is just one, of His Laws
He puts our tears in a bottle ~ holds for future ‘court trials’
Each bottle is labelled ~ named & numbered vials
Woe to those if YAH chooses: to have these vials poured out
Selects a certain desert, & orders a river to sprout
In what was once dust, on much arid ground
YAH commands raging waters ~ to again our enemies drown
Now helpless & unable to brag, how once ‘fearless & brave’
Nauseated & tossed like matchsticks, on an ocean wave”
Drowning in our tears”, no longer just a saying oft used
YAH has many plans avenging ‘Little ones’, He counts as abused

J u s t i c e & F o r g i v e n e s s

Many ministers, when preaching today
Claim forgiveness is just, a prayer away
No matter the crime, you did or do
A prayer that’s uttered, absolves you
Why no mention, of the victim’s name ?
They need relief, from the guilt & shame
Usually what happened, was not of their doing
Yet the criminal’s the one, who gets the wooing
ALL that hurt, become ” o n e s i n n e e d ”
ALL need healing, from that dastardly deed
Not all victims, have Loving family around
To help unleash, the emotions bound
Why do Preachers, often fail to see
The victim needs Love ?, so they can be
First to walk, the ~ forgiveness road ~
Have wounds healed, by goodness showed
When pulled apart, by abuse and crime
Finding ‘life’ again, always takes time
So judges, preachers, & all those ‘in power’
Should remember what’s said, can help ~ or sour
Chances for the victim, to make a fresh start
Justice & forgiveness, is that vital first part
Yes, we must forgive others ~ forgive ourselves too
Only then are we forgiven, made whole & new

F r i e n d s h i p

Friendship is made, by giving and sharing
Friendship is built, from Loving and caring
Friendship is thinking, of the other
Friendship’s the bond, with a nother
Friendship is vital, to maintaining health
Friends are true measure, of your wealth
Friendships help build, your self – esteem
Friends are your own, cheerleader team
Friendship is comfort, not actions that hurt
Friendship is support, not dishing the dirt
Friendship agrees, not to condemn, or judge
Friends elect not to, carry a grudge
Yes sometime friends, disagree and fight
But they seek for what’s best ‘
more than who’s right
No matter the problem, they’ll work it out
Because neither wants, to leave any doubt
That they each, continue to be
True Friends for all, of eternity

E a c h F r i e n d

Each friend: fills certain needs
Each friend: satisfies, shapes & feeds
Wants, desires, & various feelings
Helps the other, with their healings
From worldly pains, upsets, & woes
Sharing thoughts, as each one goes
About the business, of living life
Seeking to find, good from strife
Each friend: has, a special way
Of filling voids, by things they say
Giving hope & support, to trying starts
And bringing calm, to troubled hearts
Each friend you’re given ~ you cannot replace
By just anyone else, in this human race
Because each friend is, a special bond
For that person, you’re more than fond
They have entered, your inner soul
Blended spirits ~ filled ‘cup & bowl’
Each friend is a gift, to provide balance
Not one is by ‘luck’, or happenstance
But divine intervention ~ His careful design
So I Thank YAH~ you’re a Friend of mine !

B u r n i n g L i g h t

May our Friendship be ~ an ever burning light
A lamp for our path, that we don’t lose sight
Of what’s important, precious, treasured & real
Protecting our Friendship, & the Love we feel
A candle’s burning light, is like Love aflame
Fire that warms, as it flickers our name
Guiding upwards, its ‘spiritual smoke’
This burning light meanders, until forms a cloak
Which gently covers, then around us wraps
Closing all holes, & secures any flaps
Until we’re enfolded ~ by unseen arms of might
We’re embraced by Love’s ~ ever burning light

U n b r o k e n R o u n d

Thank goodness for eternity, to ‘even things out’
Each will have given plenty, so no doubt
We’ll both feel like, we’ve ‘evened the score’
Neither given less, nor given more
We’ll forever remain: close Loving Friends
United souls ~ as our ribbon blends
And entwines, with a bonding seal
Of warmly mixed Love, which we’ll feel
Growing stronger, softer, & brighter too
Be main ingredients, in all we do
Warm giving & sharing, are an unbroken round
One plus two other is how: Friendship’s gently bound

When Friends Meet

When friends meet : hearts warm
Time is shared, & memories form
Into hours you speak about, oft repeat again
Those recalled thoughts, become like a chain
They’re linked together; like arms reaching hands
Uniting as : teams, clans, families, or bands
And even when events, are not ‘just right’
Time bonds true friends ~ ‘glues’ them tight
As each heart, mind, & blended soul
Is held by each, from their own role
Together they’ll share, any calm, ev’ry storm
When friends meet : hearts stay strong, & warm

P a r t n e r s

Equal as partners, & equal as friends
Quick to apologize, & make amends
Willing to listen, until understands
Open discussion ~ replacing demands
Striving to meet, each soul’s needs
Wanting to be, where the other leads
Between people who are, true partners
Love & forgiveness, often occurs
Less angry words, which makes others sad
And letting go, what went wrong or bad
Allowance for boundaries, & personal space
Words are gentler, without any trace
Of sarcasm, spite, or blaming acts
No abuse, strings, or twisted facts
Each seeks direction, of where to go
How to lift the other, from feeling low
Gratitude & affection, willingly sent
Encourages with sincere, compliment
Love shared freely, produces great husband & wife
Equal partners in marriage; true partners for ‘life’ !

Y o u r A l l

Dear Lady ~ YAH’s called you, to do certain works for Him
He decided you’re one of His Lights ~ no other can ever dim
Chose you because of : your Love, giving, & service
Knew you’d give Him ”Your All ‘; His mark you’ll never miss
He is aware how hard it is ; how much you struggle & toil
Suggests to re-read that He too, has angry thoughts that boil
YAH’s counting up the blessings, to bestow on you
Tho’ you haven’t yet received, more than just a few
He delights in storing them up, to give out later on
Not one will be forgotten, reduced down, or gone
These pains will soon come, to YAH’s chosen end
He will prove how much He Loves, as a true Friend
He wants you to know, ‘Your All’ you give Him now
Is returned by His Wise Love, so you can figure how
To withstand the evil rejections, the dishonesties
Those ‘dirty tricks’ will wish they’d shown, you more loyalties
YAH knows each one of them, will call them all out
Then shower you with His blessings ~ you’ll HalleluYAH shout !
You will be rewarded His special way, before very long
With blessings oh so precious, warm, & gently-strong
Know how much you are truly Loved ~ for who you really are ~
A Special Lady picked out by :
Super Special YAH !