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The life you lead now, was already planned
All the pain & heartache, is by YAH’s hand
He chose the upsets, to unsteady you
Even picked where you reside, & what you will do
To esteem Him; be broken down fully, therefore ‘broken in’
By allowing you to know the effects, of another’s sin
Until we’re humiliated enough, into seeking why
We are pained so often, ache, and cry
We are asked repeatedly, to “endure & overcome”
Then we’ll be welcome to enter, His Highest Kingdom
No more exploitation, cruelty, or greed
Plenty of warm caring; no one in need
Finally with people, we freely Love & trust
Ending pains, betrayal, dealings unjust
Blessing will replace, the endless enduring
Calm will abound, easily occurring
Peace given to us, shared & flowing
Goodness & Light, emitted & glowing
YAH with us in person, to converse, & teach
We’ll understand more, because He’ll touch & reach
Our mind with His Word, our heart with His Love
Uncover the mysteries, known only above
His promises manifest blessings; our spirits raised
We’ll share with each other ~ YAH be praised !
We must believe He provides, all He revealed
As promised to be our Deliverer
~ touch each one, ’til healed

G r e e t i n g s

Can no longer give cards, with greetings that say
Merry Christmas, Congrats, or Happy Birthday
YAH doesn’t approve, so I can no longer do
What I’ve always done, with Loved ones like you
Of course I remain concerned; my feelings I’ll bare
Always think of you; warm thoughts I’ll declare
I’m just trying to please YAH, by following His Will
Learning details each day, how to keep & fill
My heart with His Truth, His Wisdom, His Light
Grow my understanding ~ until I get it right !
Please accept these changes, as I desire to learn
Admit to needing help, as I’ll ever yearn
To esteem YAHUSHUAH; be among His sheep
Behold His face; allowed to sit at His feet
Even though I’m now, of ‘another persuasion’
My “Greetings” to you, whatever the occasion
Warm regards are wished, throughout an entire year
Only kind thoughts emitted, from me right here
Have your needs fully met; feel continually blessed
And may each day, each month, be ‘one of your best’

F l a m e

You are: like a candle in the dark
Keep that Light shining ~ make your mark
Do not let anyone, put out the flame
The Power within ~ carries My Name
For this is My Love, & this is My Essence
Also My Truth, along with My Presence
Given to you, to provide & protect
Shared with you, so you won’t feel neglect
Even though others, can your mind sway
Know only you ~ can push this Light away !
Allow it to live, within your heart
Nurture it’s life ~ so you can impart
Once received, it’s yours ~ for ever !
Be comforted knowing, evil can never
Take it, destroy it, or steal even a ‘little bit’
You have the choice ~ to keep this flame lit

I AM With You Always

From Me, all Blessings flow
I AM with you always
Where you are, there I will go
I AM with you always

Place your hand, and trust, in Me
I AM with you always
Look to Me, and Blessings you’ll see
I AM with you always

I AM your Guide, Light, Strength, & Friend
I AM with you always
You are Loved, without measure or end
I AM with you always

Know the power in My Name
I AM with you always
I change not, I stay the same
I AM with you always

He Didn’t give up on Me

Once I was so filled with love I had to pass it out
I gave so much thought that I would dry up like a drought
It hurt me so to see my gift just blown ‘way with the dust
I climbed into a little shell and there I ‘gan to rust.

I prayed dear YaH don’t leave me now I know my life’s a spoil
And soon He came to me and gave me His anionting oil
He greased me down and smoothed me out and worked me from above
Then gave me what I had lost, He gave me all His Love

He didn’t give up on me!


I was hurt yesterday.
Now today I must choose,
Will I be a victim or a survivor?
Will I overcome this or will I loose?
Yesterday is forever gone;
It can hurt me no more.
Today I must be brave,
I will walk through the foor.
I choose to overcome
All the hurt, agony, and pain,
I will let it make me a stronger person
As strength from others I gain.
Then in turn I will help,
As others I come to know,
Need the strength I have gained,
I will not be afraid to show.
I may never understand why
This has happened to me.
But I will shoose to live on
And this is as it should be.
I will forgive completely
So they can hurt me no more,
And let the Law, upon them
Close the jailhouse door.
This pain will surely end,
And just how soon it does
Is really up to me
And that is the way it is, just because.
I don’t want to dwell in the past
But live each day to its fullest
Grasp each and every opportunity
And live life as its best!

Tribute to Tim & Bev

It was to a fractured fellowship
That Tim and Bev came one day.
They soon learned there were those in our midst
Who loved singing praise songs as they.

An evening praise service let to growth
And a need for a place to meet.
So we rented a facility, and with them
Sat down at our Savior’s feet.

They did not put everything in cement
So we could never grow.
To cover the same material
Reminds you of what you know.

But you need new challenges of truth day by day
To keep you moving along.
You don’t want to get stagnant or stuck in mud
Clear your eyes ~ and sing a new song.

Like a pebble that fell in still waters,
Sending its ripples along
There came to our minds new challenges
There came to our hearts a song.

Like a thirst for new waters of knowledge
A drink stays it for a time.
But one must have more to feed the soul,
And always the well must prime.

And now they may not be with us for long
There’s a loss, who can fill their place?
But we must all trust in our Father above
To fill this empty place.

They will be a blessing to someone I know,
For they will be sent somewhere.
And the well of knowledge they dip from
Will bless those who meet with them there.

In The Ark

Times are going to get hard and the days are growing dark,
Come abide beneath My Wings in the cleft of the Rock,
Safe from the storms that rage like Noah in the ark,
For I have sealed you with My Name which is My set apart mark,
“Do not fear My child for I AM the Rock and the Ark,
I will never leave you nor forsake you, for I AM with you always the Light shining in the dark.”

Let My People Go

Do your eyes see; do your ears hear ?
Do you understand, how the time is near ?
For separating: the chaff from the wheat
Removing Set-Apart, away from those who cheat
Calling out those, who truly love YAH
Reminding they too, will follow ‘Bright Star’
Many will be captives, within their home lands
Try to escape, yet like shifting sands
It’ll be one step forward, then pushed way back
Lose what they had, & knowing lack
Be brutalized, suffer hunger & robbing
Hurt all over ~ body & heart left throbbing
Once again the plea ~ because of woe
Nations will hear: “Let My people go !”
Like before ~ they’ll be refused
And once again ~ shocked & bruised
Over & over ~ the plea demanded
Repeatedly told ~ “Captor’s commanded :
You stay right where, you are put
Until we’re ready ~ don’t move one foot !
We’re your enemy; you’re our foe
Won’t obey request: “Let My people go !”
But YAH will hear cries, from His ‘ears of wheat’
Will gladly perform ~ another marvelous feat
He’ll remove & rescue: all those He calls
Leave warring enemies: fighting each others’ brawls
The ‘ears of wheat’ will be given: the True Way to heed
“Let My people go” eternally: His people freed !