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2 Peter 2:13-14. Fake teachers at the love feast
(Communion). In one of the greatest of
hypocritical acts, they gossiped and slandered those
who disagreed with their opinions. These men were
guilty of more than false teaching and evil pleasures;
they were guilty of leading others away from YHWH’s
Son Yahshua. (You cannot walk in faith which is the
obedience of love and gossip/slander others). You
turn others away from Yahshua as a result and personally
reap Yahweh’s curses onto yourself.
Gossip is one of the most hypocritical acts. It defeats
Love and unity in the Body Of Yahshua, it is rebellion,
pride, and actually is the quickest way to kill the gospel.
Those who do so will be called sowers of discord among
The brethren, which is an abomination unto Elohim; One
Of the things HE cannot stand, but this seventh one being
Gossip, especially an abomination unto Him. Wow!
Powerful stuff. It really puts this into context.
If we have a problem in this area, we can come to YHWH
As Isaiah 6:5; “Then said I, Woe is me! For I am undone;
Because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the
Midst of a people of unclean lips: for mine eyes have
Seen the King, the YHWH of Hosts.” YHWH will
Purge our mouths, give us a clean heart and a clean
Mouth to proclaim and live the gospel. Blessings ~

Beneath His Wings

There’s a shaded resting place
Where worry does not dwell
All your cares are left outside
To them you say farewell.
Forgetting all your sorrows
Your grief and pain let go
Place your life in YHWH’s hand
Stop walking to and fro
There’s joy and peace awaiting
Each soul that enters in
Beneath the arms of YHWH
Your soul is cleansed from sin.
White robes, they are the garments
Which everyone must wear
In this special place of rest
Much time is spent in prayer
Enter in, do not delay
Outside is where sin stings
Pray to YHWH for His grace
Rest now beneath His wings.

Great is the Day of Yahuah

Great is the day of Yahuah! The breath of life is Yahuah’s gift
For without, O mighty Yahuah, no man can ever live
The sun will rise and set by the power of His hand,
And the one who overrules Him is nowhere in the land!
Yahuah makes the seed to grow in all the different forms.
For all mankind He does this, though they ridicule and scorn
To each and every person, Yahuah gives, He takes away!
He sends the gentle breezes and the storms, He holds at bay.
Great is the day of Yahuah!

Great is the day of Yahuah! He protects the righteous ones.
He gives the mothers children, yes, He gives them sons.
To the wicked and to the liars, He pays tenfold for sin.
To the beaten, He has mercy, if they will only let Him in.
He gives the mighty power, to the lowly He gives rise,
And to all who rightly serve Him, His promised eternal life.
Great is the day of Yahuah! The breath of life is Yahuah’s gift.
For without, O mighty Yahuah, no man can ever live.
Great is the day of Yahuah!


We justify many sins, not considering them a crime
Yet when we err, someone utters: “you swine !”
The word swine contains “we sin” therefore may mean
Why Scripture informs us: ‘all swine is un-clean !’
To understand what, really was said
Listen to the Inner Voice, not just our head
Swine are pigs; enjoy wallowing in muck
Not known for decorum; live as slobs; okay yuck
People get called ‘pigs’, when their actions degrade
Those rude & aggressive, with manners ‘on fade’
So ‘pigs’ is a description, we try hard to avoid
Strive to be decent; not make others annoyed
Therefore those ~People Influencing & Glorifying Sin
Are the groups we decline; never want to join ‘in’
We’re asked to Love others, & offering to share
The Truth we’ve learned, despite life’s wear’ n ‘tear
By searching the Scriptures, we’ll find the reasons why
We never should resemble, or act like P.I.G.S. from a sty
Learn YAH’s Torah, so we gain more than a ‘clue’
How to be His sheep ~ not ‘P.I.G.S’, by what we say or do
Ask for forgiveness; try to remove the bind
Even tho~ ‘we sin’, we must never join to ‘swine’


Fiery serpents all around
Everywhere upon the ground
Their poison bite will spellbound
Causing man to be Hell bound.
Watch your step when you go out
Walk in faith and not in doubt
And the words you speak and shout
Had best be pure all throughout.
If you walk another way
Live in sin and disobey
Turn from Yah and go astray
You will be a castaway.
So look to Yah and repent
Be not disobedient
Forsake your sin and lament
Rest in Him and be content.

The Morning

In the midst of darkness
It is hard to see about
Unless you have a flashlight
You may fall if you go out.
And so it is with sin
While within one cannot see
It causes one to stumble
When a sin he does not flee.
To clearly see a sin
One must shine with YHWH’s word
He must watch which way he goes
So to follow not the herd.
To travel with the herd
Means to tread the broadend way
And to flee a known sin
Is to seek the dawn of day.
It is the dawn of day
When the rays of sun do shine
And with the Son YAHUSHUA
Is the light of morning dew.

Johnny’s Visitor

A tiny sin crept through Johnny’s open door;
“I’ll only stay a little while,” it whispered, “And before
I do any harm at all you can get rid of me,
And nobody will ever know that I’ve been here, you see.”
Now Johnny was a foolish boy, so he believed in sin,
And let it make itself at home when it had entered in.
He closed the door and no one knew that it was there at all;
“It cannot harm,” so Johnny thought, “It is so very small!”
But soon the sin began to grow–a horrid growth indeed!
It made Johnny’s heart a thing on which to feed;
It cast out everything inside, and gained and gathered strength
Till Johnny was its wretches slave, as all men saw at length.
Too late Johnny bade it go. “Why should I leave, you pray?”
“This is my home; you let me in and here I mean to stay!”
The sin replied, and tighter yet it clung, and spread and grew.
Ah! Letting in the smallest sin lets in destruction, too!